Futianpika 12244459/491 auto engine computer/Delp ECU/DELPHI ITMS

Futianpika 12244459/491 auto engine computer/Delp ECU/DELPHI ITMS

Product description:

Fittings name: Auto engine computer/ECU

Components version: DELPHI ITMS

ECU code: 12244459

Model: futianpika

Quality: high quality

Note: this product is factory direct after 100% a rigorous factory testing, and ensure the quality of each product without any problem

The shops are factory direct, specializing in the sale of motor vehicles computer Board, product. Mainly engaged in Marelli, Bosch, Delphi, Motorola, Siemens, Japan Denso/Mitsubishi electronic fuel injection system. As well as automotive electronic components, as well as automotive ECU housing, plugs, connectors, and so on. The company ' customers first, forge ahead ' business philosophy, adhere to the ' customer first ' principle to provide our customers with quality service.

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