Manufacturers supply, three stars multifunction stainless steel knife, knife, 11 open knife | blade length 6.5cm

Manufacturers supply, three stars multifunction stainless steel knife, knife, 11 open knife | blade length 6.5cm

Product description:

Model: 3011S Specifications: 9 * 2CM Scope: Field
Full length: 90 (mm) Brand: Sunrise Blade length: 6.5 (cm)
Material: Stainless steel 2cr13 Custom processing:

Plus exquisite little box, instead of the conventional white box, gift more grades!

Large favorably, the number of orders before please consult the price, thank you! We will give you the best price, the best quality in return !! stainless steel and carbon steel quality varies greatly, has not been heat-treated carbon steel Please pay attention to the customer at the time of purchase, the price of stainless steel and carbon steel is a difference, there will be differences in the thickness of the sample mass comparison please prevail !!

Eleven function knife: Function have knives, machetes, scissors, saw, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, nail file, nail cleaning, a key ring, Phillips screwdriver

Name: Steel face three stars eleven function knife

Model: 3011S

Material: Stainless steel

Packing Box: White co / small box

There are many options package, Oxford bags packed, space box packaging, boxed, aluminum tube packaging, please consult before the next one different prices in different packaging !!

Packing: 9.3cm * 2.3cm * 2cm

Factory outlets, stock, support small wholesale behalf of the consignor.

Package: Ordinary upscale gift packaging carton packaging (own gifts are a grade, a face)

Profile: Yang Dongyang liter metal factory located in the enjoyment 'of the China Cutlery capital' said the reputation of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, East

County, is engaged in production and sales of multifunction knife, multifunction pliers, manicure sets, BBQ and bottle opener series of professional manufacturers. The companies have strong technical force, advanced production equipment, the company since its inception has been to uphold the integrity and pragmatic spirit of enterprise products with reliable quality and excellent service by domestic and foreign customers.

* A lot of people will ask after the purchase, WHY stainless steel will rust, but also suck magnet is maintained, the following will make a Detailed properties for stainless steel, proper use will not rust, Thank you for understanding!