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High-priced promotional Beauty Manicure Set | Welcome to purchase

High-priced promotional Beauty Manicure Set | Welcome to purchase
  • High-priced promotional Beauty Manicure Set | Welcome to purchase
Product code: 23284700001
Unit price: 6.75-6.8 CNY
Reference price: 0.99-0.99 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Brand: Sunrise Model: M2006 Size: 11 * 6.5 * 2CM
made in China

Name: trimming composition 6 Set (manicure tool set)

Model: M2006

Accessories and Uses: ear pick one (used to remove the dirt inside the ear)

A small spatula (eyebrows, fingernails scraping)

Tweezer a (For eyebrows and hair removal skin)

Nail clippers flat one (Manicure nails)

Beauty scissors a (For repair by the eyebrows, skin or nose hair, can be done by hand using scissors)

Oblique mouth nail clippers one (for nails corners, and clamp a)

Genuine factory direct, stock, support small wholesale behalf of the consignor.

Packing: upscale gift packaging (own gifts are a grade, a face)

Description: The company sells a variety of beauty tools, manicure sets and makeup manicure tools main products include stainless steel nail clippers, beauty scissors, cuticle nipper (Beauty pliers), Tweezer; Eyelash device (clamp), acne needle. nail, dead skin push, foot setback plane and a variety of sponges, pumice, plastic makeup manicure tools, makeup hair brush, etc. sophisticated technology products, high quality and reasonable prices. has been praised by domestic and foreign customers. The company registered production The SUXIN series beauty tools (sets) to fashionable, high quality, beautifully packaged exported to Europe and other markets, the Middle East customers and distributors throughout the country, the new beauty tool tree gift company has been committed to the development of new products, the continuous improvement of product design and function. fine ho care, delicate Life 'is the perfect interpretation of the company's products and customers.
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