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Authentic Forerunner F-5 F-9 Magnetic Folding | Go Chess Set Set Children's Backgammon

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: FORTHGOER / forerunner
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • F-9 Standard (plus black and white each of the 20) F-9 standard (plus black and white each 10) F-9 standard (plus black and white 30) F-9 standard (plus F-5 Standard (plus black and white of the 10) F-5 standard (plus black and white) F-5 standard (plus black and white each 20) Each F-5 standard (plus black and white each 50) F-9 standard (361 pieces)
  • Item: XXZ-F9
  • Material: with magnetic
  • Go cask packing: more
  • Textbook mode: CD

'Piece size' F-5 single diameter of about 1.2cm * thickness 0.2cm

F-9 single diameter of about 1.7cm * thickness of 0.5cm

'Product number' F-5, F-9

'Product weight' F-5 About 0.8 kg F-9 About 1.5 kg

Chessboard: the material for the high-strength acrylic green plastic, plastic safety.

Chessboard surface: iron polished thin slices and match the imitation of silk screen printing patterns, printing a molding, colorful patterns and do not fade.

F-5 sunspots 151, white 150. F-9 sunspot 181, white 180, the bottom of the mosaic magnet, chess pieces can be adsorbed chess, not easy to reverse.

The overall through the patent design is more novel, practical, portable, educational, regardless of the home, the unit, the school, the journey, the car or the picnic are extremely applicable, and the young and appropriate, the most important is the product cost is extremely high .

F-9 real shot

F-5 real shot