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Cheap promotional, 6 beauty manicure sets, manicure sets, beauty packages

Cheap promotional, 6 beauty manicure sets, manicure sets, beauty packages
  • Cheap promotional, 6 beauty manicure sets, manicure sets, beauty packages
Product code: 23280600001
Unit price: 4.4-4.59 CNY
Reference price: 0.64-0.67 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, birthdays, fairs, employee benefits, public relations planning Specifications: 11X6.5X2.5CM QTY: 200
Brand: Sunrise Product Number: M2027 Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can made in China

Name: Iron box six sets

Model: M2027

Material: Stainless Steel + PU

Box: white box

Packing: 11.5 * 10.5CM

Accessories and Uses:

Ear pick one (used to remove the dirt inside the ear)

Tweezer a (For eyebrows and hair removal skin)

Nail file a (for repair nails)

Nail clippers flat one (Manicure nails)

Beauty scissors a (For repair by the eyebrows, skin or nose hair, can be done by hand using scissors)

Factory outlets, stock, support small wholesale behalf of the consignor.

Package: Ordinary upscale gift packaging carton packaging

Profile: Yang Dongyang liter metal factory located in the enjoyment 'of the China Cutlery capital' said the reputation of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, Yangdong, is engaged in production and sales of multifunction knife multifunction pliers production and sales of all kinds of beauty tools, manicure sets and makeup . manicure tools main products include stainless steel nail clippers, beauty scissors, cuticle nipper (Beauty pliers), Tweezer; Eyelash device (clamp), acne needle, nail, dead skin push, foot setback plane and a variety of sponges, sandpaper filing, polishing file and puff, etc. sophisticated technology products, high quality and reasonable prices. has been praised by domestic and foreign customers.
Our company located in Yangjiang city which is known as the kingdom of knives and scissors of China '. YANGDONGCOUNTY SUNRISE HARDWARE FACTORY is specialized in hardware tools. Such as multi-function knives, multi-function pliers, BBQ tools, manicure sets, bottle openers , and so on. Our product had an excellent reputation for clients in the world with the high quality and favorable price.