Corkscrew / can opener / bottle opener multifunction knife / bottle opener

Corkscrew / can opener / bottle opener multifunction knife / bottle opener

Product description:

Brand: Sunrise Material: Stainless steel Specifications: 13.5x3cm
Origin: Yangdong Weight: 150 (g) Color: Red / Black
Trade attributes: foreign trade of the original single Printed LOGO: can Gift purposes: Advertising Promotional
Gift object: Customers Occasions for gifts: Fair Purpose: Multifunctional
Category: Openers ()

Function: Red wine wire (open wine use)

Opener (open bottle use)

Tooth knife: (tapping paper use)

Model: SR-BO02

Material: Stainless steel + ABS

Packing Box: White co

Packing: 13cm * 4cm * 1.5cm

Factory outlets, stock, support small wholesale behalf of the consignor.

Package: Ordinary upscale gift packaging carton packaging

Profile: Yang Dongyang liter metal factory located in the enjoyment 'of the China Cutlery capital' said the reputation of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, East

County, is engaged in production and sales of multifunction knife, multifunction pliers, manicure sets, BBQ and bottle opener series of professional manufacturers. The companies have strong technical force, advanced production equipment, the company since its inception has been to uphold the integrity and pragmatic spirit of enterprise products with reliable quality and excellent service by domestic and foreign customers.