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Seal | BW water expansion of the seal

Seal | BW water expansion of the seal
  • Seal | BW water expansion of the seal
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PN (BW) seal is made of a polymer, an inorganic water-swellable material and synthetic rubber and additives can have a self-adhesive waterproof material of a new building. Water can water volume expansion, compacted between the old and new concrete slit form impermeable plasticity colloids. The product in June 1988 in Beijing through ministerial-level appraisal, won the 1991 Technology Achievement Award, and awarded a certificate of eligibility to become a nationally recognized product offering to solve Concrete leakage gap opens up new roads, to fill a gap in our waterproof product quality has reached the world advanced level.
Product Performance
The product ash black putty-like gel, has good weather resistance, good anti-aging, anti-seepage stanch, corrosion-resistant, easy to operate, and low cost.
The main purpose
PN (BW) seal is constructed of a variety of underground construction engineering, hydraulic engineering, traffic engineering, power plant cooling towers, municipal water supply and drainage and other civil engineering concrete concrete masonry construction joint seepage stanch the latest and best materials , completely solve the water stop rubber and steel friction test seepage around the problem is easy to produce.
Seal Product Features:
This product has a flooding expansion, water sealing 'effect; with the expansion slow, soaking 186h its maximum expansion rate expansion rate ≤ 50%; the convenience of the product installation and construction, inexpensive and non-toxic pollution in the long immersion Under no solute precipitates; compared with other hydrophilic swelling waterstops biggest difference is its hydrophilic swelling after repeated long-term expansion is still not lost.
Quality Standard:
a. water swelling rubber surface should be clean and smooth, no scratches, bubbles and other impurities, neat edge. b. Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥3.5c. Elongation at break (%) ≥350 e. hardness (Shore Seoul A) (degrees) 40 ± 3f. hydrostatic expansion% ≥200g. [1]?
Water expansion of the seal on the installation and construction recommendations:
1, are reserved for the installation of the paste-like manner, prior pouring concrete to be reserved on the seal receiving groove (which can be set aside in the template nail wood). After the removal of the first pouring of concrete formwork, remove the surface, so that seam surface dry, clean and free of debris.

2, the sealing strip embedded reserved slot if not reserved slot for vertical joints can be added with a binder full length paste, or add strips of wood with concrete nails fixed seal; For horizontal joints can be pasted directly concrete surface. After the sealing of the paste as soon as possible should be pouring concrete in the process of installation paste, should prevent contaminated water expansion of the seal and the expansion of the role that water, so King sound effect.

3, the product pre-construction joints in concrete, after pouring sewing interface, after the second pouring concrete (ie concrete package of state under) water swelling can be completely blocked, blocking water leakage. Expansion rate is high, move supplement and strong. place construction joints, seams after pouring the seal has a strong balance of self-healing function, self-sealing small cracks due to new settlement emerged.

4, for the project has been completed, if the gap leakage of water, which can be used to re-seal plugging waterproof, impervious better than traditional steel, rubber and plastic water stop, and the construction method is simple, labor save time. Body material is an inorganic mineral raw materials, with anti-aging, anti-corrosion, pollution and other characteristics

Guangzhou hundred Dali Fung Building Material Co. set rubber, waterproofing, insulation, sealing materials development, production and sales. The company is located in Guangzhou City, No. 649-1 Avenue North Main business seal, water stop and rubber membrane, to develop the South China and Southeast Asian markets as the main business.
The company after years of exploration in the southern market, decided to develop 'Qian Yu' brand products in order to broaden the south water market.
My company in Hebei production base covering 20,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees, the company advanced production equipment, strong technical force. Annual production capacity reaches over 10,000 tons of rubber sheet, seal 2000000, waterstops 1.5 million.
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