Self-adhesive membrane | polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane

Self-adhesive membrane | polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane

Product description:

Self-adhesive bitumen membrane is a polymer resin, high-quality asphalt-based material, polyethylene film, aluminum surface material, the use of self-adhesive from sticking isolation layer waterproofing membrane. The product is a polyester-based tire and tire No treatment of the two products have a very strong bonding properties and self-healing, high and low temperature environment to adapt to the construction. There are tire is divided into two self-adhesive and no tires. There are self-adhesive on the tires, lower self-adhesive sandwiching padding composition, overlying membrane surface is ethylene, lower cladding as silicone membrane peelable played. No child by a self-adhesive glue on vinyl film and the lower silicone membrane combination.

The product is a good low temperature performance, subways, tunnels and non-flare site the best waterproof, moisture-proof and sealing materials for industrial and civil buildings roof, basement, interior, public works and reservoirs, swimming pool and underground tunnel waterproofing is also suitable for wood construction and metal structures roofing waterproofing works especially suitable for the construction of military facilities requires a cold and inappropriate use of fire in the oil depots, chemical plants, textile mills, grain storage and other re-waterproofing.


1, no binders, Kaozhi not be heated to melt, just tear the isolation layer can be firmly bonded to the substrate. To facilitate the construction and construction fast.

2, flexibility, elongation having a rubber excellent, well adapted to the deformation and cracking the grassroots level.

3, has excellent adhesion to the grass roots, often greater than the shear adhesion force (adhesive surface outside the fracture), to ensure tight lap reliable and seamless.

4, very unique 'self-healing function', can heal on their own small puncture damage, in the event of a puncture or hard objects embedded automatically with these objects as one, to maintain good water resistance.

5, construction safety, do not pollute the environment, the construction is simple and clean, easy to do construction site of civilization.

6, in addition to the main material, the surface material of polyethylene film also has excellent water resistance and high strength (polyethylene fiber waterproofing membrane that is only in this film), so the water has a dual insurability.

7, corrosion resistance: the web has good acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, excellent resistance to aging in a variety of environments.

8, construction safety, do not pollute the environment, the construction is simple and clean, easy to do construction site of civilization.

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