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Sbs modified bitumen membrane

Sbs modified bitumen membrane
  • Sbs modified bitumen membrane
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SBS modified bitumen membrane, the membrane has a good temperature resistance, can be used in the -25 to + 100 ℃ degrees C temperature range, a higher elasticity and fatigue resistance, and up to 1500% of . elongation and strong resistance to puncture ability, tear-resistant capability suitable for cold areas, as well as deformation and vibration larger industrial and civil water engineering features: low temperature flexibility, reach -25 ℃ not crack;. high heat resistance, 100 ℃ not flowing. good stretch performance, long life, simple construction, pollution etc. The product is suitable for Ⅰ, grade Ⅱ construction of water projects, especially in the frequent construction for low temperature cold regions and structural deformation waterproof engineering specifications Category: Press physical indicators divided into: Ⅰ (-20 ℃), Ⅱ (-25 ℃) two categories; by tire group may be divided into: polyester tire, tire fiberglass two categories; by cladding Materials can be divided into: PE film (aluminized), sand, shale piece, sand and other four categories; width: 1000mm; Thickness: polyester felt sheet 3mm, 4mm, 5mm; glass fiber mat web 3mm, 4mm; 5mm sheet glass fiber reinforced polyester felt Scope: Widely used in industrial and civil buildings waterproof roof, basement, bathroom and other water projects as well as a roof garden, roads, bridges, tunnels, car parks, swimming pools and other projects moisture. deformation suggested the use of a larger project to extend high performance polyester tire products, other buildings should use relatively inexpensive fiberglass tire products.

Construction method

Construction method: pre-construction defects should clean grass, the moisture content of not more than 9%, brushing special base oil and dried sufficiently after the construction of concrete construction and design details shall be constructed in accordance with waterproof, acceptance criteria and construction specifications of works carried out.


Storage and transportation: 1. Avoid the sun and rain, stored under dry and ventilated storage environment temperature not lower than the corresponding product specification compliance testing temperature (- ℃), should not exceed 50 ℃ vertical storage, height does not exceed two. ; 2. transport must stand up, the height of not more than two, to prevent tipping or horizontal pressure, covered with tarpaulin if necessary 3. under normal storage and transportation conditions, from the date of manufacture of the storage period of one year.

Additional information

Supplement: 1. Definitions: In polyester felt or fiberglass mat for the child based, SBS thermoplastic elastomer as modifier of asphalt coating on both sides covered with insulating material made of low temperature flexibility good water volume material. 2. Categories Press carcass material, divided into polyester felt tires, glass fiber mat and glass fiber reinforced polyester mat tire tread according to the physical and mechanical properties of the web is divided into Ⅰ and type Ⅱ. Press the upper surface of isolation material into polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S) and mineral tablets (film) material (M) three kinds 3. SPECIFICATIONS Width: 1000 mm Thickness: polyester divided into 3 mm and a thickness of fetal membrane 4㎜; fiberglass fetal membrane thickness is divided into 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm per roll Size: 10 square meters, 7.5㎡ and 5 square meters Color: Black 4. Product performance standards related standards: GB18242-2008 (elasticity. Modified bitumen membrane) design and construction specifications: GB50108-2008 (underground works waterproof technical specifications) GB50208-2002 (Underground Waterproof Engineering Quality Acceptance) GB50345-2004 (roof engineering and technical specifications) GB50207-2002 (Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance) GB50300-2001 (Construction Quality Acceptance unified standard)

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