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App modified bitumen membrane

App modified bitumen membrane
  • App modified bitumen membrane
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The definition of a polyester felt or fiberglass mat for the child based, random polypropylene (APP) or a polyolefin-based polymer (APAO, APO) as modified asphalt coating on both sides covered with insulating material made of waterproof roll material.


Different matrix material, into polyester felt tires, glass fiber mat and glass fiber reinforced polyester mat tire tread according to the physical and mechanical properties of the web is divided into Ⅰ and type Ⅱ. Press the upper surface of the insulating material into polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S) and mineral tablets (film) material (M) three.


Width: 1000 mm Thickness: polyester tire membrane thickness is divided into 3 mm and 4 mm; glass fetal membrane thickness is divided into 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm per roll area: 10 square meters (2 mm), 7.5㎡ and 5 square meters.

Related standards

4.1 Product performance standards: GB18243-2008 (plastic modified bitumen membrane) 4.2 design and construction specifications: GB50108-2008 (underground works waterproof technical specifications) GB50208-2002 (Underground Waterproof Engineering Quality Acceptance) GB50345-2004 (roofing engineering and technical norms) GB50207-2002 (Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance) GB50300-2001 (Construction Quality Acceptance unified standard)

Construction method

Hot melt or cold adhesive.

Compare and related products

Compared with SBS modified bitumen membrane, APP modified bitumen membrane having a better high temperature performance, more suitable for hot regions.

Choice points

1, I type polyester or fiberglass tire tread APP modified bitumen membrane high heat resistance, but poor low temperature flexibility, suitable for general construction work roofing layer in a non-cold regions. On the surface of the material is poly vinyl or sand waterproof membrane should not be exposed to use. 2, type Ⅱ polyester tire APP modified bitumen membrane, with a big rally, elongation, good heat resistance and good low temperature flexibility characteristics suitable in general and colder or hotter regions, waterproof rating of I, Ⅱ, Ⅲ grade roofing underground works. 3, a high fiberglass tire type Ⅱ APP modified bitumen membrane tension, dimensional stability and heat resistance, Good, but no elongation. and stable structure suitable for colder regions in general and general engineering roof or underground works. 4, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt sheet can be used to mechanically fixed single ply waterproofing, subject through wind loads Test 5, the web should be compatible with the coating compound used, and should be placed on top of the film; the composite membrane with waterproof mortar use, should be placed in waterproof mortar below.

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