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EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane

EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane
  • EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane
Product code: 23274600001
Unit price: 6.5 CNY  (0.95 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order: 100
Other info: 3000KG Black
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Product use: industrial, commercial buildings and structures waterproof, impervious, various underground water and non-leakage parts of water projects.
Construction Technology:
1. Roof Shi
Basic requirements grassroots workers:
A: grassroots required 1: 2.5 cement mortar sweeping movements into 20-30mm thick leveling layer shall sweeping movements flat pressure light, solid, firm, smooth, can not afford to sand, not a punch, loose, drum kits, pockmarked face and other phenomena exist. flatness application 2m long straightedge inspection, the gap between the leveling layer with a ruler must not exceed 5mm B:. screed surface must be dry, cement mortar should have sufficient strength, the moisture content of not more than 9%.
C: leveling layer and protruding roof structure (parapet, chimney, etc.) and corner joints should be made of 20mm radius of the arc-shaped, slightly lower around the water outlet should be made to allow for drainage pits.
D: screed slope and pan should comply with the design and the relevant requirements.
2. Process: cleanup process grassroots additional layer membrane coating the surface coating the surface of base sheet bonded exhaust end coil compaction and edge treatment received protective layer
3. Operation Process:
A: Cleaning grass: grass-roots acceptance before construction to re-clear Yin clean.
B: an additional layer: special parts yin and yang angle, root canal, the water must first additional layer of mouth, etc. can be a polyurethane coating or layer of the web.
C: grassroots and coil surface coating: The clean sheet spread on the grass, adhesive, coating evenly with a long brush dipped (401 or 404) on the web, and then coated on the base construction, not brushing brushing repeatedly in the same place, so as not to form a gel. special part of the root canal, the water mouth, such as brushing with a scrubbing brush.
D: after with the primary coil coating, dry binder to substantially dry, the general hand is not adhesive to be paving.
4. Paste roofing membrane:
A: From the beginning of the water downhill slope, the pop standard line, coil configuration should be long and flowing perpendicular to the direction of the gradient.
B: Whenever Puwan roll sheet, it should immediately use the soft brush length from one end of the coil began to move toward the web lateral force rolling again, completely exclude wear between the gas with the primary coil can not be excluded, such as begging. bubble, do not cut the web to exhaust themselves, so as not to affect the overall waterproof effect.
C: membrane bonded joints
Do not shop at the self-adhesive membrane posts frozen base surface;
Construction on the high side can not be contaminated grass and water content;
Self-adhesive membrane packaging and release paper only in the shop when the shop front posts and posts removed;
When the end of the sealant is used up, the container should be promptly screwed tight seal;
Storage and transportation
Materials should be in a dry, ventilated storage environment, to prevent the sun and rain. Different types and specifications of the web should be stacked separately.
Stack height does not exceed 5 layers as well, heel no more than 2 layers.

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