VM63A Japan rion vibrometer

VM63A Japan rion vibrometer

Product description:

VM63A Introduction Japan rion (RION) produced by VM63A vibrometer weight 250 grams, VM63A mainly machinery and equipment for measuring vibration displacement, velocity (intensity) and the acceleration of the three parameters in the bearing housing use VM63A measured data the control of international standard ISO2372, or the use of standard business machines, VM63A which can determine the current state of the device (fans, pumps, compressors, motors, etc.) (Good, attention or dangerous, etc.). VM63A since the mid-1980s , after China's major medium-sized enterprises use, has sold over two million units, repair rate is very low, it is an ideal spot inspection instrument

VM63A technical indicators)

Acceleration Probe: piezoelectric shear type acceleration sensor
Measuring range: Acceleration: 0.1 ~ 199.9m / s2 peak (RMS * 1.414)
Speed: 0.1 ~ 199.9 mm / s RMS
Displacement: 0.001 ~ 1.999 mm p_p (RMS * 2.828)
Accuracy: ± 5% ± 2 words
Frequency range: Acceleration: 10Hz ~ 1kHz (LO), 1kHz ~ 15kHz (HI)
Speed: 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Displacement: 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Display: 3-1 / 2 digit display update rate 1 second, press the MEAS key measure, release the key holding
Signal output: AC output, full range of 2V
Headphones can be connected to VP-37
10k ohm load impedance
Power supply: 1 9V battery continuous working time of about 25 hours
1 minute off automatically
Ambient temperature range: -10 ~ 50 ℃ (90% RH.
Size: 185 (H) * 68 (H) * 30 (D) mm

(VM63A standard configuration)
1? VM-63 host one
2? Soft bag a
3? Battery One
4? S a short probe
5? Strap one
6? Manual one