DT2350P strobe tachometer

DT2350P strobe tachometer

Product description:

Introduction stroboscope, also known as stroboscopic instrument or tachometer Still, stroboscopic instrument itself can issue short and frequent flashes. When we adjust the frequency of flashing strobes, making the speed of rotation or movement of the measured object close or synchronization, although the high-speed movement of the measured object, but it looks like it is slow motion or relatively still, this phenomenon of persistence of vision people can easily observed visual surface quality and the health of the high-speed moving objects, and frequency Scintillation flash rate is being detected object (for example: motor) speed and movement frequency (printed bags), also can use the stroboscope analysis object vibration, movement speed of moving objects and high-speed photography.

Model: DT2350P

Test Range: A: 50-12000FPM

B: 50-40000 FPM
C: 50-20000 FPM
D: 50-30000 FPM
E: 50-2000 FPM (suitable for printing, textile industry)
Display: five 10mm LCD display
Accuracy: ± (0.05% n + 1d)
Resolution: 0.1 FPM (1000 FPM or less)
1 FPM (1000 FPM more)
Sampling time: 0.3 seconds
Internal / external trigger: free conversion
External trigger signal amplitude: TTL level
Quick adjustment: * 2, ÷ 2
Height range: Convertible
When selecting low range, high flash brightness
When selecting high range, low-flash light
Power: AC220V (optional AC110V)
Power consumption: about 50W
Size: 215 * 85 * 180mm
Weight: about 1000g
Normal working conditions: no rot burning gas and strong electromagnetic fields
Ambient temperature: 0-40 ℃
Relative humidity: less than 85% RH
Flash tube life: 100 million times