VM6360 vibrometer

VM6360 vibrometer

Product description:

Application: for measuring periodic motion, to detect mechanical movement imbalance and deviate designed for field measurements of various mechanical vibration design, in order to quality control, run time and equipment maintenance to provide data in advance of the selection of high-performance acceleration. meter, to achieve accurate, repeatable measurements. it has a bearing condition measurements.

Product Type : vm6360

Acceleration 10Hz-1KHz 0.1-400m / s² 0.3-1312ft / s²

10Hz-10KHz 0.1-400m / s² 0.3-1312ft / s²
Speed ​​10Hz-1KHz 0.01-400mm / s 0.004-16.0inch
Displacement 10Hz-1KHz 0.001-4.0mm 0.04-160 mil
Speed ​​5-100000r / min
0.1-10 KHz frequency
Accuracy: ( 5%
Metric conversion
Maintaining maximum
Automatic shut-down
With RS232C interface
AC output 2.0V
Power: 4 AA batteries
Environment: Temperature : 0-40 ℃ Humidity : 10-90% RH

Dimensions : 124x62x30mm