Film thickness

Film thickness

Product description:

US technology to produce coating thickness using the world's advanced technology, is an ultra-compact coating thickness gauge, magnetic measurements can be non-destructive measurement of magnetic metal substrates (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc.) on a non-magnetic coating thickness (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, zinc, tin, enamel, rubber, plastics, paints, ceramics, glass, asphalt, etc.). It can be widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection et testing field since the equipment is small, probe and instrument integration, especially for measuring project site; the instrument durable, versatile, one-handed operation.

L100 coating thickness gauge design portable and durable, it can be used normally under harsh conditions. L100 has a key operating functions, without calibration, do not reset the next measurement can be carried out without the need for operator training to operate .
L100 Coating Thickness Gauge features:
It can be zero calibration and full-scale calibration.
Ruby wear probe.
You can probe the basic calibration.
With automatic shutdown function.
The process has beep prompt.
Low voltage indicator.
Error prompts.
Measuring principle: magnetic and eddy current method
Measuring range: 1 ~ 500μm (LEE100F) measuring range: 1 ~ 1250μm (LEE100N)
Measurement Accuracy: ± [(1 ~ 3)% H + 1] μm (full-scale calibration)
Resolution: 1μm
Workpiece requirements: minimum radius of curvature (mm) 5 convex / concave 10; Contact minimum area diameter 10 (mm); substrate thickness street (mm) 0.3
Environment: Temperature 0-40 degrees Celsius; humidity 20% -75%; non-magnetic field environment
Power supply: four 1.5-volt AAA battery
Dimensions: 112 * 69 * 28mm
Weight: 82 g (without battery)

Standard configuration:

Host standard calibration piece group, calibration iron matrix, user guide, certificate of inspection reports in English, suitcases, batteries.