RSY-1 fast meat moisture meter

RSY-1 fast meat moisture meter

Product description:

Moisture content directly affects poultry meat processing, storage, trade and consumption of meat moisture content is too high, bacteria, mold breeding intensified, easily lead to spoilage of meat; whereas dehydration shrinkage of not only meat weightlessness, causing direct economic losses, and affect meat color, flavor and texture, and causes fat oxidation. In recent years, with the improvement of the urban and rural people's living standards, the consumption of poultry meat is growing, people are more quality requirements for fresh meat higher and higher. But unscrupulous traders to reap huge profits, more and more meat injection, water injection meat become a serious threat to the health of people in a public hazard, meat Moisture Tester can quickly and accurately detect water meat.

Meat rapid moisture measuring instruments Specifications:
The measurement object : Poultry meat (pork, beef, mutton, chicken, etc.)

Moisture measuring range: 65 ~85%
sampling time : Sampling time
( 2s
Sampling frequency : each 10 Sampling the output of a measurement result

Measurement error : in 70 ~ 78% Within range≤1.0%
Repeatability error : in 70 ~ 78% Within range
≤ 0.5%
voltage : 9V (6F22 Laminated battery 1 A)

Power : approximately 45mW
Instrument appearance : approximately
180 * 50 * 28 (mm)
display method: 3 Location LCD (With Chinese characters)

Ambient temperature: 0 ~40
Operating Humidity:
20 ~ 90% RH