Surimi moisture analyzer

Surimi moisture analyzer

Product description:

Qingdao Extension Section Halogen Moisture Analyzer, all stainless steel mirror heating compartment, intermittent continuous heating, the sample is heated more evenly, the bottom is cast aluminum, the above is imported materials, heat-resistant temperature of 200 ° or more, HBM sensor is imported, unique design, can remember multiple sets of drying process. The moisture meter can be widely applied to all the needs of rapid determination of moisture in the industry, such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals, food products (surimi, dehydrated vegetables, meat and fish processing, noodles, flour, biscuits, moon cake, etc.), food, feed, seed, rapeseed, tobacco, tea and textiles, agriculture, forestry, paper, rubber, textile and other industries in the production too and experiment.

product number
Maximum capacity
Reading accuracy
temperature range
40 ℃ -199 ℃ (adjustable)
time limit
1-99 minutes (adjustable)
Temperature interval
Moisture measurement range
Pan size
Calibration methods
External calibration
Data output
Standard RS-232 interface
physical dimension
200 * 180 * 380mm
Heating Type
Halogen Halogen lamp
display method
Moisture content% dry weight and moisture content%
Voltage Power
220V 50HZ 400W
product weight

Halogen Moisture Analyzer Caution:

1. Halogen Moisture Analyzer is used to measure the moisture content of the sample, for any other purpose may be personal injury and

Damage the instrument.

2. Be sure to read the instructions before use, do not meet the requirements under the environmental conditions.

3, Halogen Moisture Analyzer is only familiar with the nature of the sample and by trained professionals.

4, Halogen Moisture Analyzer for the three-plug power socket with a grounded, disconnect the instrument bans the use without a good grounding wire or grounded power source.

5, around the instrument should ensure that there is enough space to avoid heat accumulation and overheating.

6, since the instrument around the area around the heating unit becomes hot, do not place flammable materials around the instrument.

7, after the end of the test, because the sample itself and the heating unit and its container still very hot, so be careful when removed samples.

8, the heating and drying process, no ring heating element temperature reaches 400 ℃. Therefore, do not open or touch the heating unit. To fight

Open disconnect the power supply and wait until it is completely cooled.

9, for flammable or combustible materials, solvent-containing matrix, the matrix will produce flammable or explosive gases when heated, especially careful, because this

These samples may harm the human body or damage to the device. Therefore, in the determination of such samples should be low enough to make the operation of the heating temperature

Prevent the formation of flames or explosives, and wear goggles and other protective equipment. If the sample is not very understanding of the flammability test sample

The amount should be minimized. In this case, the instrument should be supervised, just in case, before experiments do your own risk analysis.

10, containing toxic elements of the matrix, and this matrix only under good ventilation conditions, heating and drying.

11, a matrix generating corrosive vapors when heated drying, when measuring sample of this matrix, because the steam condenses in the cooler housing portion

Sub-corrosive, it is recommended to reduce the sample weight.