Extension section of Qingdao TK100W wood flour moisture meter

Extension section of Qingdao TK100W wood flour moisture meter

Product description:

TK100W wood chips moisture meter is the company introduced foreign advanced technology launched a high-precision, high-performance intelligent moisture measurement instruments. This instrument is used to measure a variety of bamboo fibers (sawdust, wood chips, wood powder) water, suitable for paper-making, metallurgy, welding wire fiber materials, cultivating edible fungi, compression plates, furniture, incense, mosquito-repellent incense, charcoal and other industries.

Equipment characteristics:

1, TK100W wood chips moisture meter, the integration of human design, high-sensitivity of the sensor changes according to the moisture content of wood powder and the output signals of the corresponding changes, measurement results are displayed visually on the screen.

2, measurement speed, can replace conventional oven method, resulted in shortening the time determining moisture content, the whole procedure takes only 1 minute, 1 second readings the measured values, saving staff valuable time.
3, small size, light weight, strong anti-jamming capability, rapid detection can be carried in the field.
4, temperature, and humidity compensation technology, high measurement accuracy, precise, reliable, and good stability.
5, equipment design using low-power LSI and liquid crystal display technology, and low power consumption.

6, alarm function, maximum value.

Technical parameters
1, display: 4-digit LCD LCD display
2, moisture measuring range: 0-84%
3, environment:
Temperature:-10 ℃-60 ℃ humidity: 0-90%
4, measuring principle: conductivity, temperature compensation
5, accuracy: ± 0.5%
6, resolution: 0.1
7, response time: 1 second
8, power: 4 7th battery
9, volume: 460mm*75mm*35mm
10, weight: 203 g