AR861 laser scanning rangefinder

AR861 laser scanning rangefinder

Product description:

Laser range finder is the use of a laser to target distance measuring instrument accurate laser rangefinder at work Sends a bunch of very fine laser, received by the photovoltaic element target reflected laser beam from the laser beam measurement timer transmitted to the time of receiving the calculated distance from the observer to the target. Light laser rangefinder weight, small size, simple operation, fast and accurate, its error is only one fifth of the hundreds of other optical rangefinder One minute, it has been widely used in topographic surveying, measuring battlefield, tanks, aircraft, warships and artillery against targets ranging measure clouds, planes, missiles and satellites height. It is to improve high tanks, planes, ships and artillery accuracy important technical equipment.

General features and specifications
Measuring range 0.3-60m
measurement accuracy + -0.2mm
Minimum display unit: 1mm
data storage 10 times
Laser Level 2
Laser Type Wavelength 635nm Maximum output power (1mW
Use of the environment -10 To 50 degrees
Storage Environment -20 To 60 degrees
20 seconds automatically shut down laser
2 minutes automatic shutdown
Power supply DC 3V (AA battery 1.5V * 2)
Battery life

Single measurement up to 5000 times

Package Information
power supply DC 3V (AA battery 1.5V * 2)
Product Weight - G
Product Size 129 * 69 * 40mm
Packing Boxed