Women's digital printing process digital printing factory, custom t-shirt printing prices

Women's digital printing process digital printing factory, custom t-shirt printing prices

Product description:

Supply category: Ordering Color: pink, yellow The fastest shipping time: 4-7 days
Style: cardigan Origin: Shanghai Main map Source: official pictures
Fabric: chiffon / georgette Style: Korean Category: chiffon shirt
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Printing process

Digital printing production process from the traditional printing production process separation described in the draft, producers, network system process, thus greatly reducing production time. Accepts tricks
Way through the disc, E-mail and other advanced tools, proofing time is generally not more than one working day, while the traditional proofing cycle is generally about a week.

In addition, as to simplify the process so that costs are reduced proofing. Proofing cycles shorten and reduce proofing costs, which in today's time is money, efficiency is life
Under market competition rules, undoubtedly give enterprises more market opportunities.

Textile Co., Ltd. Haibo kept long-term digital printing business to undertake bulk processing pattern without limitation of color, quick delivery, as long as the light-colored, uneven surface does not exceed
A planar object of 3mm, such as flooring, glass, porcelain, plastic, leather, laptop case, cell phone case, T-shirts and other objects, we can give you print quality
Reliable and affordable.

Bo deposit processing advantages of digital printing:

1: no plate, convenient and quick proofing, proofing time is generally 1-2 days;
2: Breaking the traditional screen printing restrictions feel and color digital printing without any review of the handle and can reach 16.7 million kinds of color;
3: do not need from the quantitative goods, how much volume can be produced, providing our customers with a personalized processing services;
4: based on market conditions, to provide our clients more and more varieties of small quantities of flower-shaped digital printing processing services;
5: The use of environmentally friendly supplies, color fastness 4-5;
6: The designer can imagine it as long as the effect, we can make out the effect.
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