Socks printing, digital printing thermal transfer

Socks printing, digital printing thermal transfer

Product description:

Color: White Supply category: Ordering The fastest shipping time: 4-7 days
Whether foot: Yes Are there now: Yes Material: blended
suitable seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Tube high: Duantong Process: Printing
Pattern: digital printing Category: socks Thickness: Medium
Brand: Other Features: absorbent, anti-beriberi size: one size
Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women

WHY choose Haibo deposit: A great big benefit small enterprises advantages, such as we all know, the big companies due to the plate too much, a project from order to execution, relatively long period, but also more difficult to turn the wheel, while small companies due to relatively fine subtract, so the implementation of the company's efficiency significantly higher than everyone, and found the problem, you can always change direction - digital printing process to select textile company Bo deposit guarantee you good quality, fast, best of both worlds.

Q1 What are the printing process can provide?

Division I engaged Sublimation printing, digital direct-injection printing, heat transfer printing, printing process service.

Q2 owns what equipment? Can horsepower cloth printing it?

Four digital printing machine equipment imported from Japan together on the production of 500-800 meters;. Can provide a variety of printing methods, pieces, bolts of cloth, garment printing process

Q3 Shiyao digital printing fabrics can be printed it, What kind of effect?

Fabric preferably white, light-colored fabrics can be printed dark pattern, can be printed figures, landscapes, geometric shapes, gradient color can achieve photo.

Q4 sublimation thermal transfer printing and traditions have nay difference?

The traditional heat transfer is a pattern printed on special release paper, and then printed on a layer of hot melt glue stick to the material by heating, hand feels there is a layer of glue feeling. Sublimation is the use of advanced disperse dyes, the paper will be printed with a pattern by heating the material to penetrate into the polyester, no feel.

Q5 sublimation printing prices ruffle count?

Depends on the specific pattern, the size of the pattern, the number of production, printing requirements, to quote an accurate price information can be sent to my mailbox:.. 13564683635 @ 126 com, after receiving the pattern give you an accurate report, promotions the price of.

Q6 knitting and shuttle can print it? Price the same?

Fabrics knitted and woven polyester printing methods ingredient is the same, the price is the same.

Q7 What fabrics can be printed?

The main printing digital printing knitted and woven fabrics: sequins beads, polyester, T / R, T / C, CVC, mesh cloth, georgette, jersey, honeycomb fabric, chiffon, satin, corduroy, cotton cloth , peach skin, suede, super soft short plush, plush, Luoma Bu, burnt cloth, Chun Yafang, elastic tricot, taslon, nylon taffeta, polyester taffeta, cloth bags, polyester spinning, Jin Sifang, microfiber, printed cloth, coated fabrics, stretch fabrics, paragraph five pieces, taffeta, beautiful silk, Nylon silk, velvet Cardin, sanding cloth, is plain, spring Ding, polyester beautiful, Oxford, raincoat cloth, Mike, cork rubber, functional fabrics, cloth gloves, swimwear fabric, fake fur, extinction Taslan extinction fabric, extinction Chun Yafang, moisture wicking fabrics, automotive fabrics, cushion fabrics , wrinkled fabric, woven fabric, nylon oxford cloth and other fabrics digital printing, sublimation printing, transfer printing process.

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