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Lace Digital Printing

Lace Digital Printing
  • Lace Digital Printing
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Color: Color Item: 00000 Material: Polyester Yarn
Lace craft: knitting / warp Specifications: 160cm Scope: clothing, apparel, home textiles

The company lace printing, no plate, without limitation of color, no flowers back to the size limit, no quantitative requirements, one from India, highlights the advantages of small quantities of many varieties, the use of disperse dyes printing, bright colors bright, color fastness Well, no handle, good air permeability, any flowers easy, photos, high-precision printing, pattern fidelity and highlights the personality. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

Lace Lingerie

Shiyao style underwear most IN? That certainly is sexy and sweet mix of psychedelic wind Those sweet yet sexy lingerie pattern from bright T station to the public popularity, by unanimous pursuit. A color represents a style, different colors can be clever to a thousand extraordinary style style with lace, mesh, flash, bows and other hottest design, interpretation of a sweet and sexy lace underwear, Angels and Demons integrated style charm.

Transparent undoubtedly looming is the highest level of sexy black lace decoration plus embroidery pattern of transparent underwear, with flower decoration suspenders thong perfect combination, make him feel your mature sexy charm

Popular purple color, select the pink you will undoubtedly show your little woman inside. Pink flowers and cute love most suitable plush toys and retains a childlike innocence of the girl, although sometimes you arrogant overbearing, but you little woman indeed deserve to be gentle care and love. style with lovely decorative bow burrs and the most popular, and more attention to fine tailoring, highlighting the elegant emphasize quality in the nuances Combining silk fabrics and lace pattern perfect, and cute bow, fresh garden style flowers with the cute and sexy and.

Smart lace strap burr unique design lovely, pink stripes sweet index will rapidly increase, make you sexy like a mouthwatering candy.

Taro pink hue deepened compared to a chromaticity psychologically mature calm a little. Select underwear for their mood is most appropriate for their performance, a popular season taro or violet color underwear, interpretation out your inner mature and sexy transparent lace, shimmering silk, embroidered or lace pattern design, are very popular style. thong, garter design is more prominent cute and sexy combination of psychedelic style, would you between immature and mature state of mind wandering accidentally exposed. romantic silk exudes a gorgeous sheen, embroidered flowers bloom on top, thong and garters so sexy index soared, put it gently to release the power of the beautiful night .

Lace Plus flounced

House vocabulary, because in anime, Gothic Lolita Gothic Lolita dress often decorated with lace and flounced costumes coming out, so it is used to refer to the the Lei Sijia Ruffled Gothic Lolita.