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T-shirt, short sleeves, vests, clothing sublimation printing

T-shirt, short sleeves, vests, clothing sublimation printing
  • T-shirt, short sleeves, vests, clothing sublimation printing
Product code: 23258500001
Unit price: 1 CNY  (0.15 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Processing methods: to build version, OEM, processing, labor and materials Processing Features: Digital Printing Are there vehicles: Tablet Pressing garments sublimation printing
The number of workers: 10-30 people Settlement: Settlement with money Minimum single paragraph MOQ: 1 (piece)
Processing category: Knitting / T 恤

Sublimation printing plant specialized in garment printing, Yazhou printing, T-shirt dress clothing dye-sublimation printing manufacturers to provide proof, the goods producing (printing paper, clothing stamping factory completed) train services, co-branded American guess, one world Wait

Found that many developers were kind of garment printing requirements, if fragmentation printing and then fight it, and some details of the agreement is very difficult...... 1, uneven seams local garment printing can be printed ruffle ? it A: Here is the clash garment printing sleeve, will produce white wrinkled clothes hem how could not settle will have white wrinkled if you say a piece of India seams difficult to align, can be semi-finished print that's OK. But the seams required in order to guarantee smooth hot printed. Clothing transfer printing, is Europe's most popular style in recent years, our company can make polyester fiber fabric garment printing (using dye-sublimation transfer printing), maximum printing size up clothes 1 m * 1.6 m there is a need me: QQ: 995043558 Tel: 13564683635 Our company has many years of T-shirt printing Yazhou garment processing experience, quality assurance for the United States guess, oneworld and other brand processing garment printing orders.

In the summer of the city, not only warmth and flowers, we walked through the appearance of the city, with the trend towards the street. Blue-green small floral design to bring this hot summer line refreshing coolness. Features Digital Printing , garment printing, garment printing, T-shirt printing, pieces printing, feel good, solid color, environmental pollution.