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Sublimation printing pieces, doing the Japanese apparel printing quality assurance.

Sublimation printing pieces, doing the Japanese apparel printing quality assurance.
  • Sublimation printing pieces, doing the Japanese apparel printing quality assurance.
Product code: 23257300001
Unit price: 1 CNY  (0.15 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Processing methods: to build version, OEM, processing, labor and materials Processing Features: Digital Printing Are there vehicles: racing suit pieces sublimation printing
The number of workers: 10-30 people Settlement: Settlement with money Minimum single paragraph MOQ: 1 (piece)
Processing category: Sportswear
Pieces sublimation printing, quality assurance doing Japanese sportswear printing.

Products (sample) parameter

Sublimation jersey: This class jersey printed pattern is characterized by bright color, any graphic printed on the jersey, not like the fight because the production of the same color jersey styles and have too more pieces of cloth and sewing nodes; relative to spell color jersey, its disadvantage is that the higher cost thermal transfer process, the price will be higher relative to the competition color jersey number.

It does not affect the use of digital sublimation printing fabrics wicking capabilities! Comply with internationally recognized environmental standards.

Jersey fabric selection

As previously classified in accordance with the season, as mentioned in accordance Fabric classification, is also classified in accordance with climate change

A thick fleece jersey: inside with fluff, jersey fabric is the thickest, wearing heavy, almost no flexibility but the best thermal performance;

Second, thin fleece jersey: inside with fluff, structures with thick fleece jersey, just a hair a little shorter, than the thick fleece fabric is also thin, but it has a certain energy that is elastically stretchable warm. performance followed, wearing riding at the same time can be sufficiently warm feel more lightweight, comfortable;

Third, the thick mesh jersey: more consideration to air permeability, this is the jersey fabric of the watershed, has been in the thick mesh fabric and fleece fabric is essentially different, thick mesh fabric has no presence hair elastic To better thin fleece fabric, but slightly lower than the thermal performance of thin fleece fabric.

Fourth, the thin mesh jersey: Fabric is thinner, more elastic, breathable also stronger, taking into account the maximum fast-drying, high elasticity, wear-resistant properties.

Ordering Information

When choosing sports clothing, pay attention to the following aspects: First, to choose fabric wicking, breathability and good performance; the second is security in the clothing of choice, stick to the skin, wearing clothes to buy, want to buy 'B' products (in direct contact with the skin clothing products, general clothing label, the tag will be marked: meet product technology Classification: Class B); smell of the clothes do not have to buy new clothes before wearing, preferably with water wash it again; to pay attention to the clothing of metal zippers, buttons, accessories are secure three consumers to rational consumption, high prices do not necessarily like quality.