Digital printing design, proofing and small batch production

Digital printing design, proofing and small batch production

Product description:

Processing category: female fashion Processing methods: to build version, OEM processing, processing Settlement: LC settlement
The number of workers: 10-30 people Processing Features: Digital Printing Minimum single paragraph MOQ: 1 (piece)
Are there vehicles: one meter digital printing equipment imported from India
Sample Pictures

Products (sample) parameter

Collection Sublimation printing can be maintained with breathable fabrics.

Fabric Requirements: Polyester fabric (mesh, knitted, woven, gauze), cotton 65% polyester and other fabrics.

Printing way: bolts of cloth, pieces available

The maximum printing width: 160cm, length limitation.

Technical advantages:

1, the use of computer digital printing equipment will be printed on the textile fabric flowers above, the full computer control monitor, no color.
2, no plate, producing faster, shortening the production cycle work
3, without limitation of color, bright colors bright, color fastness, no handle, good air permeability;
4, one from India, highlights the advantages of small quantities of many varieties;
5, using disperse dyes printing, green environmental protection, reduce pollution;
6, any flowers easy, photos, high-precision printing, pattern fidelity and highlights the personality.
7, color separation toner technical staff with professional make customer specified color card.

main products :

Garment Printing Class: T-shirt printing, fashion printing, apparel printing, swimsuit, swimming trunks, personalized T-shirts, cut pieces.

Bags and shoes categories: computer bag printing, bag printing, shopping bags, suitcases, wallets, composite materials, packaging, canvas shoes, hats and other printing materials.

Household Textile categories: scarves, scarves, pillow, neck pillow, tablecloths, sleeping bags, bedding, shower curtains, curtains, seat printing.

Advertising gift categories: mouse pad, personalized cloth slippers, coasters, bar mats, paintings, flags, advertising umbrella, and so on.

Outdoor category: tents, beach chairs, sun block and so on.

Customer Notice :

1, cotton content of digital printing materials should not exceed 35%, otherwise the color is easy to spread.

2, the digital thermal transfer printing material to stick pretty cotton and polyester and other fabrics.

3, it is best to provide their own material, after all, your own fabric to be printed more familiar.

4, before the offer to do the best and the amount to be printed pattern to us.

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