Hat printing processing, pattern transfer hats, caps printing factory

Hat printing processing, pattern transfer hats, caps printing factory

Product description:

Supply category: Ordering The fastest shipping time: 4-7 days Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can Material: Canvas suitable seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Processing methods: printing Style: Wild Weaving: Satin
Whether the trade: Yes Pattern: Feel free to customize Category: knitted hats
Applicable age: Adult Popular elements: Feel free to customize Apply a gender: Neutral / both men and women
Type of foreign trade: Export

Garment printing features

(1) transfer printing pattern having a pattern realistic, detailed patterns, the level of clear, strong sense of three-dimensional features. Transfer printing can be printed natural landscape and artistic strong pattern.

(2) transfer printing device has a simple structure, small footprint, low investment, high economic efficiency. Since the device is tension-free processing, suitable for various thickness of printing. In addition, the transfer printing without post-processing to packaging factory.

(3) transfer printing does not exist environmental problems due to dry processing, without washing, steaming, drying and other processes, so there is no waste gas and waste water discharge.
(4) transfer printing with high productivity, save labor and the advantages of simple operation.

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