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T-shirt digital printing | T 恤 sublimation printing | T 恤 clothing digital printing

T-shirt digital printing | T 恤 sublimation printing | T 恤 clothing digital printing
  • T-shirt digital printing | T 恤 sublimation printing | T 恤 clothing digital printing
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Processing: processing Method of payment: 3-7 settlement Processing category: knitwear/t shirt

Fabric dye sublimation printing one meter from India! free samples! Using Dye sublimation printing Can maintain the breathability of the fabric. Fabric requirements: polyester fabric (mesh, knitted, woven, gauze), polyester/cotton, polyester fabric above 65%.

Printing: cloth, cut pieces can be maximum printing width: 160cm, the length is unlimited.

Technical advantages: 1, digital printing equipment the pattern printed on the fabric top, full computer-controlled surveillance, no chromatic aberration.

2, no plate, production speed, shortening the production cycle

3, which is not limited by the color, bright and vivid color, color fastness, feel-free, breathable;

4, one from India, show the advantage of small-batch varieties;

5 with disperse dyestuff printing, green environmental protection, reduction of pollution;

6, any pattern easy, high precision printing photos, picture vividness, and prominent personalities.

7, professional tone color technicians, customer-specified color color.

Main products: apparel printing types: t shirt printing, printed fashion, sportswear prints, Swimsuits, swim trunks, t-shirts, cut pieces. Bags shoes: computer bag printing, bag printing, shopping bags, suitcases, wallets, composite packaging, canvas, Cap materials printing and so on. Home textile: scarves, scarves, pillows, neck pillows, tablecloths, sleeping bags, bedding, shower curtains, curtain, printing and so on. Advertising gifts: mouse pad, cloth slippers, coasters, bar mat, hanging pictures, flags, umbrellas, and so on. Outdoor products category: tents, beach chairs, sun shade .

Customer note: 1, the cotton content of digital printing materials should not exceed 35%, otherwise the color is easy to spread out.

2 digital thermal transfer printing hot stamp material to adapt the cotton and polyester and other fabrics.

3, it is best to provide their own material, after all, your own printed fabrics are more familiar.

4 in the quote before it is best to do and you want to send us printed pattern.

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