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Clothing Yazhou sublimation transfer printing, digital sublimation printing process

Clothing Yazhou sublimation transfer printing, digital sublimation printing process
  • Clothing Yazhou sublimation transfer printing, digital sublimation printing process
Product code: 23240100001
Unit price: 15-23 CNY
Reference price: 2.18-3.35 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Processing methods: processing Processing Features: Digital Printing Are there vehicles: digital printing machine
The number of workers: 10-30 people Settlement: Settlement with money Minimum single paragraph MOQ: 1 (piece)
Processing category: female fashion

Haibo kept Textile Co., Ltd. is a company in digital printing, sublimation transfer printing and transfer printing services engaged in Dacron fiber, polyester ( CVC, TC, TR), polyester fabrics such as ammonia Digital proofing and production printing. Digital printing is mainly for multi-variety, small batch printing production orders and various high-resolution images of flowers printing process, any color can be printed directly on the various types of textile fabrics pictorial patterns, not color limit. We can provide design, image documentation, dichroic color, prenatal proofing, providing customers with fast printing services, and provide a full range of high-quality digital printing products.

The world's most advanced digital printing production system Before the plate can make samples for customers reference, to reduce risk for version, shortening the production period; process characteristics: no open version, the color is not limited, do not fade, without flowers back to the position control, a rice from India.
Various types of printing products are widely applied to:
Household items aspects: (screens, curtains, tablecloths, sofa, table cloth, shower curtain)
Bedding areas: (pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, quilt, bedspread)
Outdoor leisure areas: (sun umbrellas, beach chairs, tents)
Apparel products: (fashion, skirts, underwear. T-shirts, swimwear, beach pants, shirts, sportswear)
Fabric products: (polyester, synthetic fabrics, satin, knitted fabrics, silk, cotton, linen, silk, and other fabrics)
Haberdashery aspects: (hats, scarves, scarves, ties, gloves, socks, shoes, laces, insoles)
Luggage handbags aspects: (diving material, bags, canvas bags, woven bags, handbags, mobile phone bags, fashion bags, cloth bags. PU bags)
Car Decoration aspects: (cushions, car seat covers, car curtains, sun block, car hood)
Other decorative items: the (PHOTO photos, paintings, paintings, handicrafts, textiles, banners, lanyard, ribbon)
Toys aspects: (dolls, cloth toys, plush toys, stuffed toys. PVC toys, leather toys, plastic toys)

Proofing or small orders
For customers of one meter sample or tens of meters, a few hundred meters of small orders, the Division is accomplished using digital printing
1 , No plate, without limitation of color;
2 No flower return size limit;
3 No quantitative requirements, one from India, highlights the advantages of small quantities of many varieties;
4 Using disperse dyes printing, bright colors bright, color fastness, no feel, good ventilation;
Any flowers easy, photos, high-precision printing, pattern fidelity and highlights the personality.

* Free proofing, one meter from India
* Any color, photo-effect, high-precision, high-definition
* Bright colors, strong hierarchy, no handle
* Green ink, with export standards
* Fastness 4 reached ITS, SGS, Bureau of Reclamation and other tests

We use paper and ink are the most advanced materials, printing ink Azo ( AZOFREE) and heavy metals, free of harmful allergic substances. Ink, transfer paper and other products of the technical indicators have been through the ITS, SGS and other international authoritative organization, to meet international quality certification. Excellent aesthetic quality, precision printing high, bright color, pattern fine, the color is quite rich, strong color fastness Division I is the most well-known brand long-term partners; products are exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and other regions.

We adhere to high-quality digital printing, transfer printing products dedicated to provide perfect service to your company. We sincerely welcome new and old customers came to discuss business, we would like to redouble our efforts, more opportunities for you to win!

Solemn promise: 1 *Good quality 2 *High efficiency 3 * Associate of color 4 * Speed ​​regardless of one meter or 1000000 Number of meters, we are able to solve for you
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Digital printing, dye-sublimation transfer printing, garment printing, printing pieces, bolts of cloth printing, garment printing.
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