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Jeans sublimation thermal transfer | digital printing | free proofing | quality assurance

Jeans sublimation thermal transfer | digital printing | free proofing | quality assurance
  • Jeans sublimation thermal transfer | digital printing | free proofing | quality assurance
Product code: 23239200001
Unit price: 8-15 CNY
Reference price: 1.17-2.18 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Printing Products: cloth Services: design, the film, printing Printing materials: customer demand
Printing process: thermal transfer Postpress: Finishing machining Design proofing cycle: 1-3 days
Production cycle: 4-7 days Whether printed logo: is The main printing equipment: Heat Transfer Machine
Printing Equipment Description: Heat Transfer Machine Annual maximum printing capacity: 10 million square meters In the remaining printing capacity: 10000
Delivery: freight from mentioning

Haibo kept Textile Co., Ltd. is a company in digital printing, sublimation printing and transfer printing services for design, production, sales and service as one of the textile production and processing enterprises. Printing products are exported to Japan, Europe, the Americas, Africa, more than 100 countries. Shanghai is the most influential textile printing business.

Printed fabrics in polyester, polyester / cotton, polyester / ammonia, etc. Polyester blended fabrics. High-quality products at home and abroad allows us clothes (fashion, T-shirts), clothing, handbags luggage, home textiles (curtains, screens, tablecloths, tablecloths, shower curtains and sleeping bags, bedding, etc.), outdoor leisure products (umbrellas, gloves, awning, beach chairs, tents, etc.), automotive accessories (car upholstery, sun stalls, etc.), non-woven fabrics, pictorial photo, Customer paintings, posters, banners and other industries have long-term good cooperation.

The introduction of four Japanese original Mimaki digital printing equipment, printing width is 160cm, the monthly production capacity of 30,000 square meters, proofing, prenatal samples, sales samples, etc. It may also be used to pattern more, smaller single flower orders The printing order, no plate, one meter from India, proofing time fast (1-3 days), pattern and color adjustments directly in the computer, easy pattern change, low cost proofing, color without any restrictions, high printing accuracy , bright colors bright, sun and water resistant. raw materials all imported environmentally friendly products, deep and full of clear color, good color fastness (generally up to 3.5--4.0 level), technical indicators have passed international authoritative ITS, KAKEN, SGS, etc. detection testing organizations.

We will be 'good faith' principle, with low prices and excellent quality. To strict quality standards, advanced technology, process control its production, at a reasonable price and good quality sold in domestic and foreign markets, wholeheartedly welcome general domestic and international customers to our company business negotiations.