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t-shirt sublimation printing process

t-shirt sublimation printing process
  • t-shirt sublimation printing process
Product code: 23237800001
Unit price: 1 CNY  (0.15 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Processing trade: processing In the remaining processing capacity: 50,000 Annual maximum processing capacity: 100,000
Material texture: polyester, Dacron, cotton Process: Digital Printing Processing equipment: digital printing machine
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Professional business clothing sublimation T-shirt printing, no plate, without limitation of color, no flowers back to the size limit, no quantitative requirements, one from India, highlights the advantages of small quantities of many varieties, using disperse dyes printing, bright colors bright, color good fastness, no feel, good air permeability, any flowers easy, photos, high-precision printing, pattern fidelity and highlights the personality. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion. Ying-color digital printing factory specializes in all types of textile fabric printing proofing, small bulk orders printing process, such as our digital printing, using the world's most advanced digital printing production system, in front of the plate can be made for customers reference patterns, dramatically reducing risk for version, shortening the production cycle! Shanghai sublimation printing plant specialized in garment printing, Yazhou printing, T-shirt dress clothing manufacturers sublimation printing, proofing, production of goods (printing paper, clothing stamping factory completed) train service