Shelter station

Shelter station

Product description:

1 shelter before

With the rapid development of the communications industry, the other cabin needs more and more, many turnkey projects, requires us not only to undertake network construction, but also able to take a standard room building. In order to meet customer integration of network devices and standard room demand, Mobile Division and the International Cooperation for the company's various products (GSM, CDMA, network, transport, etc.) to provide shelter (standard room). The shelter can be placed directly outdoors, without the construction of a fixed room, move flexible, convenient transportation, construction quickly, able to work in all weather conditions for traffic along the scenic, business center, remote areas, greatly reducing the room construction and maintenance costs, shorten the construction cycle network is ideal for the construction of communications networks .
Depending on market requirements, we use the shelter of two materials, one is FRP, a material having a light, high strength, corrosion resistance, good insulation properties, high prices and other characteristics: other species are color steel, and FRP phase compared with low prices, protective, better insulation and other characteristics. Therefore the two materials room for different applications.

2 Functional Description

2.1 Classification shelter

The shelter can be divided into weather-resistant fiber composites (FRP) shelter, color steel shelter and military module. This article discusses only the first two of the shelter.
Due to different application areas will change its power supply standard, therefore, standard AC power distribution unit and AC electrical equipment should be adjusted according to the use of the standard, the default is three-phase five-wire system, 380V / 50Hz.

2.2 square compartments

The shelter consists of cabin, AC distribution, temperature control systems, environmental monitoring system components

2.3 Shelter features

The shelter provides integrated standard room features, in addition to the pods have protection functions, as well as AC power distribution, temperature control, environmental dynamic monitoring and other functions.


Cabin by the body and annexes shelter, cabin interior equipment for the installation of accessory, protective wire provides perfect support environment, including: fire extinguishers, stand-alone access control systems, cable management bracket, go trough, grounding bar, with its The purpose is to provide a reliable operating environment for electronic devices.

temperature control

Temperature control is an electronic device within the chamber to provide reliable operation temperature environment protection, temperature control apparatus comprising: air conditioning, heater.