Lifting column

Lifting column

Product description:

With significantly accelerate the pace of building the next generation mobile communication network, and how high-quality, fast and reliable construction of mobile communication base station room, is placed in a number of operators, especially new operators is a puzzle in front of traditional communications base stations is difficult to meet demand for network construction, with the launch of the communications industry to adapt to the development of new communications tower - 'lift tower'

Lifting tower models

Product type lift tower lift rod
Tower height m 18 24 30 12 15 18
Occupies m2 6 * 7.5 6 * 7.5 6 * 7.5 6 * 7.5 6 * 7.5 6 * 7.5
Drive Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Try pressure KN / M2 ≤0.5
Installation floor-
Standard straps 3 pay 2G antenna, 3 pay 3G antenna
Handling, installation manual, mechanical, automobile
Room size 5m (length) * 2.1m (width) * 2.6m (H) (internal: 4850 * 1950)
Configuring the lift tower including lifting system, the base, the engine room, basic counterweight beam

Lift tower siting requirements:

Note siting requirements:
For the integration program, in order to ensure the verticality of the equipment on the ground selection requirements are as follows:
(1), flat slope ≤1% of the field, the ground, the roof and other places.
(2), the product is placed in the local undetermined foundation bearing capacity, subject to engineering and technical personnel on-site survey to determine the feasibility of the program to be implemented after (the survey report must have the authority), without permission, shall not be left unattended (with equipment ).
(3), the design requirements of the ground bearing capacity ≥85Kpa.
(4), it is recommended that the equipment be placed on relatively flat ground (such as concrete or cement floor, etc.), the address does not meet the above requirements, the need for reinforcement, with particular reference to the following:
①, need to reinforce the flat ground (mud or poor geological conditions), especially the poor, the need for soil backfill.
②, pouring a gravel cushion thickness of 150mm.
③, then pouring a thick layer of plain concrete C25 200, top surface polishing with cement mortar.
④, after the concrete curing meet the requirements by the strength given field testing, test results must not be less than the requirements.
The above operation must comply with (building foundation treatment regimen JGJ79-2002), (concrete compressive strength Rebound Method Technical specification JGJ / T23-2001) regulations.
(5), install integrated base station site should not be less than 100 square meters should be higher than the local floods in 50 years the highest level 50cm, base flood impact area have sufficient strength.

Lifting tower room

Room: Integrated base station room of choice for the fiberglass engine room, which is characterized by high strength to facilitate the demolition of room to move, strong weather resistance, corrosion insulation, thermal insulation effect good anti-burn, and to design a strong internal security structure, short installation period to facilitate construction.