New Generation III underground metal detectors outdoor exploration archaeological treasure to find gold and silver treasure instrument

New Generation III underground metal detectors outdoor exploration archaeological treasure to find gold and silver treasure instrument

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MCD / the United States up to Cheng
  • Model: MCD-3015III generation

This underground metal detector in the year on the basis of mine detection technology into the modern advanced digital integrated circuit technology evolved, and complex signal conversion technology into the integrated chip, which greatly enhanced the stability and anti-jamming.

The latest underground metal detector shock listed, guaranteed to be authentic, quality assurance. According to the depth of metal oxidation in the ground can detect up to 10 m , In order to better serve the majority of treasure lovers , The company supports the national cash on delivery! Let our products take you to the road to success, let your dreams come true, reflecting the greatest value of your life.

This price is never lost, lost no longer, now the original price of 1580 yuan price of 1090 yuan! And the addition of engineering shovel and flashlight. Buy is to earn!

Import components, reference engineer detection technology, Military switch civilian use . This improved underground metal detector, the detection depth of up to 10 meters, is a rare weapon for archaeological enthusiasts; is a natural swimming pool, beach, leisure beach, the search for lost jewelry instruments; Old house need demolition, this section of underground metal detectors will certainly help you get back to their predecessors buried in the underground dream.

Preparation before use:

1, the test battery: After the boot, if the detector is the table that the backlight is very dark or not bright, the detector will not open, the volume is weak, can not be properly tuned, unstable operation, or offset, then that the battery's energy (Note: There is LED indication on the charger, red status indicates charging, green indicates full charge.)

2, the use of headphones: By using the headset, you can extend battery life, because the headset than the built-in speakers to save power. You can connect a stereo headset to the detector, so that you can listen to a person using the headset in the battery-saving Also, it is easier to determine subtle changes in sound to achieve better detection. To connect the headphones to the detector, you need to plug the headphones into the headphone input jack on the front of the unit. , The built-in speaker will not sound.

3, ready to detect: After the instrument has a short warm-up time, in this period of time the probe should be mentioned in the air does not move until after the needle back to detect the work in the press the button at the same time should look at the table that the backlight indicator, If the dark light must be charged when the actual detection of equipment such as engineering and mine detection.

Product features

(1) metal detection and metal identification function conversion
(2) detection of underground metals and metal minerals
(3) non-ferrous metals and ferrous metal identification
(4) automatic adjustment function
(5) manual adjustment to eliminate mineralization reaction
(6) speaker sound tips
(7) built-in battery charging time can be used continuously for more than 24 hours
(8) when the light alarm instructions

(9) Induction coil disconnection automatic alarm (when the connection cable loose automatically alarm)

Product Specifications:

l Detection prompt ---- sound / LED indicates the table shows

l The depth of mineralization exploration ---- 1 ~ 11.8 meters

l Detection mode ---- ground balance / identification mode

l Detection frequency ---- 500KHZ ± 2KHZ

l Headset frequency ---- 450KHZ ± 2KHZ

l Storage temperature -: -28 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

l Low power display ---- means the table LED lights dark display power shortage

l Backlit display ---- refers to the table LED backlight

l Power ---- 1W

l Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

l External headset function ---- white headphones

l Boot display ---- LED display

l Power supply ---- 12V1.3AH high capacity rechargeable battery

l Product Net Weight ---- 3.0KG

l Product size ---- 33 * 33 * 117CM

l Packing ---- more power To aluminum box package /Carton

l Standard Carton Size ---- 40 * 30 * 45CM

l Standard capacity of a box ---- 1

friendly reminder: A full set of baby factory standard carton packaging, for multi-purpose all-metal aluminum box packaging plus 200 yuan, manufacturers recommend the standard configuration cost-effective Oh!

Actual probing depth - also known as the 'depth of oxidation', whether we are archaeological, detection of water pipes, oil underground pipes and senior treasures left at home, or daily treasure hunt or scavengers, exploration is buried in the soil for some time metal, so metal There are characteristics: long-term in the soil, oxygen and water to it caused by oxidation, the soil environment is relatively stable and good conductivity, low conductivity.This metal detector to detect the depth of deep, in this environment to the depth Is the actual depth, because oxidation is also called oxidation depth.

Test depth - that is, we in order to detect the sensitivity of metal detectors and a certain detection capacity, the actual digging a hole, buried a certain size of metal, such an environmental metal detector to detect the depth, called the test depth (test depth is the detection of a metal Detector detection sensitivity and detection capacity of a way, but not the standard, can only do reference).

Actual depth Often far greater than Test depth , Please do not use the size of the depth of the test to measure the actual depth, the gap between the two concepts.

In general, the larger the area, the greater the number, the greater the corresponding depth of the probe; the other hand, the smaller the area, the larger the detection depth of the metal detectors, The smaller the number, the smaller the corresponding depth, the depth of the instrument is the industry standard by the product in the best circumstances can reach the maximum depth of soil in different cases, the depth of detection will be different, such as Soil moisture or density, etc. will weaken the detection of metal signal strength and thus reduce the depth of the instrument detection.In addition, low power, transmit power is insufficient to detect the depth of attenuation, in this case please Replace the battery in time.

  • Q: How to get the best detection results?

  • A: Soil drying or metal buried in the case of the farther the case will make the detection effect.Metal burial of the farther the detection depth of the deeper.Because the metal buried in the ground for a long time will be gradually oxidized to produce metal rust to the surrounding proliferation and around Of the soil reaction, resulting in a strong magnetic field, so that the metal area increases, but also increase the signal strength.The longer the signal strength the greater the depth of detection will be deeper!

  • Note:

  • This product is a special metal detector equipment, we ship and factory shipments, have to undergo a rigorous professional technical testing, if there are any problems, we will provide telephone technical support and after-sales service in your purchase After the product, we can not guarantee that you are now and harvest, because of these many.

  • Related note:

  • Because the detector is to detect metal, and metal size, environment, soil, etc. have a very big relationship, if not detect the metal, does not mean that the metal detector is a problem, because the metal is too small to affect the accuracy of the detector And detection results. If you encounter problems, we can technical support, warranty one year commitment.

  • Description: Accessories and instructions, if there is an update, please prevail with the actual delivery!

  • Overview:

  • With this metal detector you can easily find coins, relics, jewels, gold and silver, and other precious metals in all geographies, this metal detector is not only versatile, but also very easy to use.

  • Detector Features:

    Electricity meters : Displays whether the metal is detected or not and the metal type.

    Sound indication : A fixed frequency audible indication is issued for the detected metal.

    Waterproof detection positioning plate: Even in water, you can use the probe plate for detection.

  • note : The detection plate is waterproof, but the control panel is not waterproof.

    Adjustable probe rod : You can adjust the probe to the most appropriate length.

    Dedicated strap type host: In order to reduce the long hand to bring the hands of hand-up operation, convenient nimble.

    Dedicated with rechargeable battery: Up to More than 8 hours of standby time, energy-saving heart. Let you feel at ease to detect what you need.

    Professional supporting tools: Easy to disassemble anytime, anywhere, easy to carry.

    Balance of power with special tuning : Faster and more accurate elimination of the critical equilibrium state.