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Security doors 6 18 grams of copper wire alarm precious metal security doors factory anti - theft detection of copper metal detection doors

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Shen exploration
  • Model: JN800A-II

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'Only choose the right, do not choose expensive' If the customer service staff said that I can meet this security door so you request, then you do not buy, because he was Bluff. Different types of security check. Different models of security Door, its performance must be focused on this section security door, the biggest feature is On the copper detection sensitivity has been greatly enhanced , Can easily detect more than 18 grams of copper wire. Copper plant, copper processing enterprises burglar of the Gospel, to fill the current market price of ordinary security gate can not detect the blank copper.

This product is Shanghai BrandName, the shopping malls commitment to this section security door 2-year warranty, life-long maintenance.

JN800A-II The metal detection door adopts the advanced digital detection technology and the double column ultra-high brightness LED alarm display, which is specially used for detecting and preventing the metal and alloy objects hidden in the human body, with high safety, strong applicability, high sensitivity and wide detection range. In order to resist the external magnetic field using damping technology, so anti-interference ability, to 24 hours of continuous work, metal detectors can sound and light alarm at the same time, and the tone can be adjusted in quality, effect, technical parameters are reached the advanced level. Metal detection door sensitivity can be adjusted up to 4500, the maximum can detect metal pieces of the size of the paper clip, and can distinguish between metal storage location, the user can detect metal size, volume, weight, etc., to exclude coins, keys , Such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls and other places, such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls and other places, installation JN800A-II metal detector door will give you a reliable, beautiful and generous feeling.

Metal detector door technical parameters:

Power supply: AC85V ~ 264V / 47-64Hz

Power: <35w

Overall dimensions: 2225mm (height) X830mm (width) X600mm (depth)

Channel size: 2000mm (height) X700mm (width) X510mm (depth)

Machine weight: about 75kg

Working environment: -10 ℃ - + 55 ℃

Meet the standard: GB15210-2003

Metal detection gate performance and features:

1, the display panel: Select LED high-brightness digital display panel, more conducive to the operation of the staff.

2, 12 probe: there are 12 overlap each other detection area division, separate metal objects distribution, multi-location alarm at the same time to accurately determine the location of metal objects.

3, the alarm zone instructions: alarm zone instructions

4, sound and light alarm: the loud speaker alarm volume, 10 tone adjustable, alarm sound high, low, no three options to adapt to different times and different occasions.

5, the regional sensitivity adjustable: the maximum sensitivity can be detected to the size of the metal sheet. Overall sensitivity of 5-50 levels, each level can be adjusted between 0-99 regional sensitivity, pre-set the weight of metal objects, size, size , Parts, can remove coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle and other unwanted alarm.

6, strong anti-interference: the use of digital, analog combination of left and right balance circuit and technology, and resistance to the outside world

Interference of the magnetic field damping technology to prevent false alarms, omission, in order to improve the ability of anti-interference.

7, password protection: password protection, authorized personnel only to operate, more secure.

8, operation: through the ultra-thin hand-held remote control panel on the metal detection door operating system to operate.

9, the count of statistical functions: the screen display can pass statistics and the number of alarm.

10, harmless to human body: the human heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disk, tape and other harmless.

11, power security: the use of closed-wide broadband switching power supply, the whole power supply placed in the main chassis. Power through the switch to start and shut down.

12, Waterproof: The JN800A-II metal detector door products, divided into three parts: sub-left and right detection of the door and the main chassis, the structure of light aluminum alloy columns, fire board combination into the demolition, the door ABS plastic feet Sets and roof with waterproof, fire, rust, corrosion and seismic performance.

13, easy to install: JN800 series metal detection door is integrated design, only a 6mm fixed wrench and a needle nose pliers 10 minutes to install or dismantle, random with the installation of operating instructions.

14, the use of places: can be used in factories, prisons, courts, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, places of entertainment metal items such as inspection.

Security door certification and compliance standards:

A. No harm to the pacemaker's wearer or other support system, pregnant women and magnetic media floppy disks, tapes, videotapes, etc.;

B. meet all the safety standards of FAA'3-gun-test standard and NILECJ-0601-00;

C. comply with the relevant international standards for electronic safety and electromagnetic compatibility E.M.C. and EC rules;

D. meet the radio interference EN55011, FCC and VDE0875 standards;

E. Products meet the "GB15210-2003"

Application site

First, the airport, customs, ports, railway stations and other places of security inspection.

Second, the courts, **, prisons, detention centers of the security of metal objects.

Third, the Center Hall, exhibition halls, trade fairs, business meetings, celebrations, stadiums and other important public places entrance check.

Four, metal, electronics, jewelry, coinage and other important industrial and mining enterprises to prevent the loss of precious metals items.

Fifth, nightclubs, theaters, dance halls, karaoke bars, bars and other places of entertainment to prevent the carrying of dangerous metal items.

Sixth, banks, postal services, hospitals, public buildings, schools, private mansions to prevent the carrying of dangerous goods.

Our products all over the world:

The picture shows the Chery Automobile Park in Shanghai World Expo in the new car using our company JN800A-II-type security doors for security checks.

The picture shows the Shanghai Jixiang Technology Co., Ltd. use our company JN800A-II-type security door to detect whether the staff to carry the company's products.

The picture shows the Super League (Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium) to use our company JN800A-II security doors for security checks.