Thickening push up silica gel invisible bra invisible bra silica gel bra

Thickening push up silica gel invisible bra invisible bra silica gel bra

Product description:

Item specifics

Item Type:
Pattern Type:
Support Type:
Wire Free
Bra Style:
Cup Shape:
Half Cup (1/2 Cup)
Closure Type:
Front Closure
Strap Type:
Cup thickness:
ultra-thin cup
silica gel
other materials

Product Description

  • Product Option List

  • Invisible bras, seamless type marriage gauze, dress, swimsuit, all need to use small dew sexy shoulders were dear he saw the damned straps, embarrassed ~
    Shooting wedding photos, more can't wear the traditional bra, but not to wear hard have a good chest, breast will droop embarrassed ~
    Summer wear swimsuit, accidentally bumps, embarrassed ~
    Girl who can go to taobao search well, apart from those without the unlicensed fake without packaging, take a look at how many meters, similar products have hangtags packing we all can see, so is second to earn ~ even if you temporarily can't use, buy for girlfriends friends and sisters not only super affordable is also very close oh.
    Zoom in more happiness invisible bra
    Ultrasonic seamless edge technology.
    Let non-trace appears.
    Upset is not increase.
    Light and comfortable, fabrics of smooth shadow detailed and close;
    Color pure.
    Without shoulder straps.
    A central focal point protection design.
    To enlarge your happiness.
    Size: A cover cover cover cover, B, C, D
    Material: 100% pure silicone products
    Product introduction
    1. Easy to clean and reusable
    2. Since the viscosity cup, not easy to fall off, follow one's inclinations
    3. A strapless and edge delay bound
    4. The feel is realistic, soft as human touch
    5. Can promote breast, sketched charming cleavage
    6. Stealth design suited to backless, strapless, evening dress, etc

  • Product advantages

    Women the most attractive when the tempting sweet shoulder back, and the traditional bra straps type is the streetscape. Now, silicone bra can easily solve your troubles. Eliminated the bondage of traveler, straps and buckles back, let MM people all shown suspenders, backless outfit, naked show women glamour such as shoulder and clairvoyant outfit beautiful dress up.
    Soft silicone material, since the viscosity of the chest cup, and the natural close to the chest, not only won't fall off, but also with one integrated mass, body completely not feel its presence, let a woman follow one's inclinations. Button before chest cup, can according to need more, create a charming effect of cleavage, also can promote the breast, breast curve more moving.
    Choose the silicone bra, makes you sexy!
    The cleaning method
    Available circle is drawn on the soapy water wash, after every cleaning into the dry box, viscous nature, can be repeated use

Packaging Details

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Package Size:
9cm x 9cm x 9cm