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Deep IAD-4FXO port voice gateway SIP protocol IP / VoIP network telephone equipment analog relay landing

Deep IAD-4FXO port voice gateway SIP protocol IP / VoIP network telephone equipment analog relay landing
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: deep Jane
  • Network Device Type: Other

IAD-4o FXO voice gateway is used to connect the data, voice and fax services of the analog trunk telephone line to the data packet network, which is very simple, easy to use and convenient to set up.

Product Features

  • Standard SIP protocol, supporting SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)
  • Supports polarity inversion
  • G.168 Echo suppression
  • 2 * 10M / 100Mbps mouth
  • 4 FXO RJ11 interfaces
  • Fax T.38 / G.711 bypass
  • Support speech coding: G.711, G723.1, G.729 A / B
  • Support caller number, take a fork (with # instead), call transfer, hotline, IP direct call
  • Support PPP / PPPOE, DHCP Client, PPPoE interruption can automatically redial
  • Dynamic jitter buffer management, echo cancellation package compensation, voice activation detection technology and comfortable background sound generation
  • Support Softswitch authentication for voice gateway authentication
  • Support Softswitch Control RFC2833
  • Support SNMP / Tr069 network management protocol
  • Provide WEB graphical configuration interface, the local configuration of the device, operation management, configuration methods are very simple

Compatibility instructions

The SIP Gateway can be compatible with a variety of SIP-based softswitch platforms / IPPBX / IMS / NGN.
Obtain Broadsoft interoperability certification, access to Elastix compatibility certification.
Interoperability testing with Huawei, ZTE, Asterisk, OpenSer, FreeSWITCH, VOS, IMS, NGN, 3CX, Elastix, trixbox, FreePBX and other standard SIP Server or IP-PBX.
Provides documentation and technical support for networking with various Sip Servers / IP-PBXs.


Size (length × width × height, unit: mm): 240 * 150 * 35
Weight (unit: kg): 1.1
Interface: 4FXO
Operating temperature (unit: ℃): 0-40
Storage temperature (unit: ℃): -20-70
Operating Humidity: 10% -90%
External power adapter: Yes
Power input: 220VAC / 50Hz / 0.5A
External power output: 12VDC / 1A
Power (unit: W): 15
Telephone interface lightning protection: 10/700. 4000V
Network interface: 10 / 100BASE-TX
Number of WAN ports: 1
Number of LAN ports: 1

Application examples

Application 1: with the FXS voice gateway can be achieved Extension telephone number extension, telephone line extension and other applications.

Application 2: SIP trunking application for softswitch, IP call center, IPPBX to provide outside access to the real world of telecommunications. Simple two-step:

Step 1: Set the IP address of the SIP server (IP Trunk or SIP Server).

Step 2: Set the user number for each port, or direct IP docking.

Function keys

In the FXO phone port on a telephone outside, you can call to change the outside number Use the following function keys to achieve gateway management functions, in some cases can be used in conjunction with web management:

*158#View LAN mouth IP address

*159#View WAN mouth IP address

*114#Query the port account

*150*Set Get IP address

*157*Set the network mode

*152*Settings IP address

*153*Set the subnet mask

*156*Set the gateway

*193#Again through DHCP Obtain

*160*1#Settings onWAN mouth


*111#Reboot the device

*#Call Hold

*47*IP Address call

*51#Enable call waiting

*50#Disable call waiting

*87*Blind turn

*72*Enable unconditional calls

*73#Disable unconditional call forwarding

*90*Enable Busy Call

*91#Disable busy busy

*92*Enable No Answer Call

*93#Disable the No Answer Call

*78#Enable Do Not Disturb

*79#Disable Do Not Disturb

*200#Access voicemail


We strive to achieve the same product with the company name, simple - simple to use, easy to operate.

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This product provides 1 year warranty service, lifetime technical support, free debugging and a variety of SIP server docking, free of charge To achieve remote telephone number, telephone line extension, remote internal calls free of charge, PBX upgrade, IP-PBX expansion, call center and other solutions.

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