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Product wins OTG data line Andrews mobile phone u disk cable millet usb converter micro switch cable adapter

Product wins OTG data line Andrews mobile phone u disk cable millet usb converter micro switch cable adapter
Product code: 23150600030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pisen / product wins
  • Length: Other
  • Length: 0.15m
  • Color classification: straight plug 15cm OTG line 40cm OTG line
  • Interface Type: Other

Do you still have a bad idea for the data cable? Do you still have a high price for the original data line? We say no!

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This product is a generic OTG data cable, as long as your phone supports OTG function and Micro USB interface (Universal Andrews interface), can be used (except for some models can only use the original OTG)

Many models, customer service MM is not a panacea, specific whether your phone supports OTG, whether only with a dedicated OTG line, please everyone Baidu ,For example: Search 'SONY 36H support otg'
Please follow the instructions carefully:

1. For the first time, first insert the OTG line into the phone data interface and restart the phone.

2. Each time you use a USB device, you need to insert the USB device into the USB port of the OTG line, and then insert the micro-usb interface of the OTG line into the data interface of the phone.

3. Replace the USB device halfway, the same need to unplug the entire line, and then replace the USB device, and then insert the phone data interface.
If you have any questions, please read the following points carefully:

1.OTG function does not support the storage of NTS, only supports FAT32 format, please copy the U disk file formatted into FAT32;
2. If you can not identify or U disk does not respond, please restart the phone, or brush the latest firmware, or the USB debug mode on / off test;

3. Some USB devices output current is high, such as eating card reader, mobile hard disk, etc., such as to take mobile hard disk and the like, remember to use the external power supply hard disk box;

4. If you touch the U disk or OTG line occasionally lose the connection, please change the u disk test, some no-name u disk and card reader interface is relatively large and loose will cause poor contact, it is recommended for brand u disk test;
5. OTG function can generally support the use of mobile phones, but you'd better to confirm whether their mobile phone support otg, Baidu can specifically, search for 'brand models support OTG', such as search 'SONY 36H support otg' ;
6. Meizu mx old dual-core and millet M1 does not support OTG, millet M1s / m2 / m2s / m2a support, Meizu phone all do not support the keyboard and mouse.