Cotton in early fall of 2016 new ladies Cardigan Sweaters air conditioning shirt women long sleeves Korean Cardigan Sweater coat

Cotton in early fall of 2016 new ladies Cardigan Sweaters air conditioning shirt women long sleeves Korean Cardigan Sweater coat

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material composition: cotton 61.9% rayon (viscose) 38.1%
  • Brand: cotton
  • Clothing style: wide convenient
  • Item no: S6745
  • Thickness: General
  • Style: commuting
  • Commuter: Korean version
  • Style: Cardigan
  • Combined form: single piece
  • Length: General
  • Sleeve length: long sleeve
  • Collar: low t
  • Sleeve type: conventional
  • Dress fly: single breasted
  • Pattern: solid color
  • Pop/craft: button
  • Composition: 51% (included)-70% (inclusive)
  • Fabric: cotton
  • For ages: 25-29
  • Listed year/season: fall of 2015
  • Color: light blue orange pink purple Mint green yellow gray white grayish ash khaki turmeric purple orange green blue black
  • Size: s m l XL

Bust (cm)
The total length (cm)
Total shoulder width (cm)
Sleeve length (cm)
Weight (kg)
Tips: Hand, there will be a 1-3cm error, please to receive in order to prevail in kind.

Advantages of cotton in early 2015 to introduce new designers began last year, the knitting, and creative to add highlights,

This ' kernels ' of one last cotton demand

Germany imported woven pattern of computerized flat knitting machine, when it comes to computer knitting machine, Germany machine has a long history,

Homemade is only 10 years old, generally upscale clothing uses Germany flat knitting machine,

Because he cost and maintenance costs are very high, and of course quality is unmatched by domestic knitting machine.

He created unique rare pattern ensures the scarcity of goods.

This knit cardigan sweater, using Germany imported 12 two-needle stitching needle knitting machine.

Corn kernels before knitting method, beautiful atmosphere, elegance with affection; Back Wicker

Rib stitch, classic simplicity. Different from the cookie on the market, conditionally available for qualities immediately apparent.

Simple basic type, suitable for conditionally available body, wear take shape can be varied.

Side Bai opened the fork design, with a little random and smart.

Understanding combination of cotton and rayon, on the one hand guarantee the texture of Cardigan, easily pilling;

And flexible, tension, and experience more.

Fine shell button, is the embodiment of high quality. The elegant shell button, light and bright, the price is high,

This Cardigan 15 colors, all shell button customize according to Cardigan the color, color materials and clothes matched

In detail shows her dignity. These qualities on the market with dozens of Cardigan has made all the difference.

Eye beads will appreciate her beauty.


Rapid rise in the market in recent days a number of imitations, in the name of cotton at the beginning, for pearls. Norm kind of imitation,

Shoddy imitations, and And Neckline, shoulder Jacquard This has obvious, Flowers convenient clutter,

Composition vague collar convenient collapsing, weaving is not like a tight crisp cotton.

Whole version palsy weakness, button isn't a real shell buttons, colors and really buckle is unable to compare,

And clothing material difference in color is greater, texture-free.

Why don't be cheap, and the choice of clothes with no sense of quality,

Cotton products adhere to the original at the beginning, in order to protect your interests, go to the flagship stores of cotton at the beginning purchases, support original!

Dark series, such as dark blue, green, black, and not in the Sun, do not use bleaching ingredient also laundry products to avoid clothing color, please know, not product quality problems, any high-end clothing, do not isolate. Please take care of your clothes.