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Hanwang E pick off V710 scanning pen portable scanner full page entry | Text King V700N upgrade

Hanwang E pick off V710 scanning pen portable scanner full page entry | Text King V700N upgrade
Product code: 2311800030
Unit price 236.63$
Sold quantity 38
Available stock 159

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hanvon / Hanwang
  • Hanwang Model: V710
  • Scan element: CMOS
  • Scanner Type: Film Scanner
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Maximum format: A4
  • Interface type: USB2.0

Package /

Package content

We promise : We guarantee that our sales of Hanwang products for the new authentic licensed, we guarantee the same under the premise of our price with a cost-effective At the same time, we provide more, better and more reasonable supporting gifts; provide a more intimate high-quality services, and More thoughtful after-sale protection. If you have time to compare 100, I believe will still choose us!

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  • The new V710 official standard. 1280 yuan

Package A

Pragmatism to the election

Package 1 >> buy 1 get 13 .1480 yuan
We package a content than some business package five more! Full gold content!
Package 1: buy a get 16! The pursuit of quality of the user's love!
1, the new V710 official standard

2, Gift: 16G Class10 high-speed memory card

Sandisk or Kingston, class10 high-speed card.

3, Gepower dedicated 10400MA smart mobile poweror Travel-specific mini-wireless router,default For mobile power))

The new mini-wireless router is only a business card size, business people in the hotel hotel that is easy access to the Internet, is the E-E excellent accessories

4, Hanwang V710 can be supporting the 5V / 1A charger

5, LED portable lights (can be used as fill light, can also be used alone)

6, Gift: wire headphones

7, lazy stent

8, special gift: Hanwang spare data cable
(Often heard the customer response data cable is lost, in particular to send a spare);

9, Hanwang bookstore more than 20,000 copies of genuine books

(Hanwang book copy of genuine copy of the book, in particular gift)

10, free packet delivery

11, for many years experience in technical service HW HW provide VIP special services.

store points

(After the transaction is automatically given to the day cat)

13, free extended warranty for 6 months

(General warranty for 12 months, in particular, extended to 18 months, except for man-made damage)


Package II


Package II >>
Package II namely: the factory official standard + Business suitcase (online transaction after successful delivery)

Package III


Package III >>
Package 3: Package 1 - Total 13 items, excluding Package 2 suitcase. +Hanwang 8G fingerprint USB

Package IV

Package IV >>
Package 4 namely: Package 3 full content + Pennefather wireless mouse + travel dedicated mini wireless router