Abstract passenger V710 HW E scanning pen input portable scanners whole page | Text Wang V700N upgrade

Abstract passenger V710 HW E scanning pen input portable scanners whole page | Text Wang V700N upgrade

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hanvon / HW
  • HW Model: V710
  • Scanning element: CMOS
  • Scanner Type: Film Scanner
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: A4
  • Interface Type: USB2.0

Package /

Package contents

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  • Photographed That made a standard package.

Package A

Pragmatism to choose

Package A >> Buy 1 get 13
We have a package content package content businesses than some five more! Full of gold!
Package A: Buy 16 Get a sense of the pursuit of quality of users love!!!
1, the new V710 official standard

2, Get: 16G Class10 high-speed memory card

sandisk or Kingston, class10 high-speed card.

3, Get Gepower dedicated 10400MA intelligent mobile power (or Travel dedicated mini wireless router,default Mobile power supply))

The new mini wireless router only a business card size, business people in hotels which can facilitate access, E man E is an excellent accessory

4, Hanwang V710 can be equipped with a 5V / 1A charger

5, LED portable lights. (Can be used as fill light, can also be used alone)

6, Get: wire headset

7, lazy bracket

8, special gift: HW spare data cable
(Often hear customer reaction data line loss, especially to send a spare);

9, Hanwang more than 20,000 genuine books present

(Hanwang genuine copy copy books, special gift)

10, free package delivery

11 years of technical experience in the commissioner HW services VIP special services.

store points

(Transaction successfully acquired cat autonomously)

13, free extended warranty for six months

(Normal warranty is 12 months, in particular, to extend to 18 months, except man-made damage)


Package II


Package II >>
Package II namely: the official standard factory + Business suitcase (after trading successfully sent online)

Package III


Package III >>
Package three, namely: that the entire contents of a package (a total of 13, the package does not contain a suitcase 2) +Hanwang fingerprint USB 8G

Package IV

Package IV >>
Package IV namely: that the entire contents of the package 3 + Pennefather wireless mouse mini wireless router + dedicated travel