Novelty small gift animal pig hand-pressing flashlight

Novelty small gift animal pig hand-pressing flashlight

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Light Source:
Incandescent Bulbs
Adapter power supply type:
manual power generation

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Principle of built-in miniature generators, battery, power hand pinch clamp, drive generators to provide small lights lighting. Fantastic and affordable.

Very practical thing, appearance is very Q, hand power generation, light small, plastic shell, it is convenient to clean.
Brush at night night to go home, to the unit in front of the door with it to illuminate, you don't have to in a flurry of couldn't find the keyhole! Walking in the dark on the way, have the pig light, don't be afraid!!
With the hand press the pig on the right side of the clamp can be manually power, electricity is very well, is to carefully!!!!! Power generation, linking piece can charge will rise, easily put in bag spare, don't take a place.

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9cm x 9cm x 9cm