Cashmere arm sleeve cuff female autumn and winter long section of half-finger gloves fingerless wool knitted thick warm fake sleeves

Cashmere arm sleeve cuff female autumn and winter long section of half-finger gloves fingerless wool knitted thick warm fake sleeves

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2015
  • Brand: Caroline KALUOLIN
  • size: one size
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Style: half-finger gloves
  • Item: 0909
  • Color Classification: Black 60cm 60cm fingerless black hole there is that black holes 50cm fingerless hole (Direct Marketing) means there are black holes black 50cm 40cm 40cm fingerless black hole has been reported that holes (factory sales spot) light gray light gray 60cm fingerless hole there are finger holes 50cm 60cm light gray fingerless hole (no return) means there is light gray 50cm 40cm hole light gray fingerless hole Claret 60cm fingerless hole (the day of delivery) there is that hole dark green red 60cm 50cm 50cm there are no finger holes Violet refers to the white hole hole 40cm fingerless fingerless hole Claret Claret 50cm 50cm 50cm have finger holes red fingerless fingerless hole hole white 50cm other color options here, refers to the length of the hole or without written messages 60 cm long 50 cm long 40 cm long
  • Texture: wool / cashmere
  • Category: Women
  • Applicable people: a couple of youth: 20-39-year-olds
  • Press Relations gifts: Friends

Caroline flagship store - a professional cashmere wool - authentic guaranteed

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1212 Carnival festival price

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Recovery is about 40 centimeters 22 yuan 65 yuan

Recovery is about 50 centimeters 27 yuan 70 yuan

Recovery is about 60 cm 28.6 yuan 75 yuan

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Preferably raw material

Caroline imported merino fine cashmere wool woven materials, velvet Xianrou Cold,

The degree of warmth , Permeability , Absorbent good, feel soft Comfortable.

can With Sleeve, sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless dress coat waistcoat Wait

And warm and Western style Cute! Wild fashion and practical!

· Above the elbow can be worn to be inflicted Diego wrinkled

Extended! Slip! Can not ball! Do not fade!

[Slip] Double Stretch

First: exquisite workmanship, plus a double elastic sides gloves ,Wear out after not less than the decline

Second: the introduction of a long section of 50cm and 60cm wheelbase, ideal to wear on different occasions for different purposes

(Note: The dimensions are estimates, knitwear will be some error, mind pro carefully shot)

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