Woolen Woolen Cuff Sleeve Wigs Folded Half Fingers Knitted Warmer Wool False Sleeves

Woolen Woolen Cuff Sleeve Wigs Folded Half Fingers Knitted Warmer Wool False Sleeves

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 fall
  • Brand: Caroline KALUOLIN
  • Size: L M S
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Style: Half-finger gloves
  • Item No .: 0909
  • Color: size only that length, fat all the elastic all the code, generally can wear black that hole black no means hole light gray means that hole light gray without referring to the hole deep gray has that hole deep gray no means hole red scar means there are holes Red no means that hole Jujube Red hole refers to the date No means hole Cang Qing Cave refers to the hole Cangqing No means hole Green green There is a hole in the dark green There is no means hole Sapphire There is no means hole Cave No means hole coffee Coffee hole that there is no hole There is a hole in the gray Gray means no hole purple refers to the hole purple no finger hole other color election here, with or without pointing hole, color write message
  • Texture: wool / cashmere
  • Category: Female
  • Applicable people: young couple: 20-39 years old
  • According to the relationship gifts: friends

S = 40 cm M = 50 cm L = 60 cm

Fat is the elastic code are pro-size only represents the length

Good sales is no accident

Good quality and excellent workmanship

Will have 23.1 million Vice sales

77,000 praise is not anyone can imitate

Australian fine wool is preferred

Caroline imported from the US Merino fine wool raw materials woven into velvet delicate Cold,

Warm degrees , Permeability , Good moisture absorption, feel soft Comfortable.

can With seven sleeves, the sleeve, half sleeve, sleeveless skirt coat waistcoat Wait

And warm and foreign style Lovely fashionable and practical!

Can be worn over the elbow can also get into the fold

Lengthened! Non-slip! Can not ball! Do not fade!

'Double elastic non-slip work fine'

First: exquisite workmanship, both sides of the gloves plus a double stretch ,Put on no less than falling down after the fall

Second: the introduction of a long section of 50cm and 60cm extended version, suitable for different occasions you wear different purposes

(Note: the size are estimates, knitwear will be some errors, mind the pro-Shen shot)

'Caroline Monopoly - Mall authentic'

Mall old brand direct marketing

Quality pro-assured! Any returns are not satisfied with the mail!

'Historical Low Price': Expired Restore the original price to buy as soon as possible 2 priority delivery!

'Real Wool': Velvet fluffy! Soft and delicate! Warm effect!

'Brand Direct': All the new stock! Direct reserve price! Not profitable, earn praise!

'Do not sell cheap to share the goods': Only sell authentic, poor quality will be sent away!

'30 days no reason to be returned ': sold 23.1 million many vice! Quality after-sales, quality for all to see!

'Dachang direct all new stock'

'Can not find the color please leave a message oh'

'Ultra-thin or fat version can be customized Oh'