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Yiwu computer laptop usb lamp led lamp

Yiwu computer laptop usb lamp led lamp
  • Yiwu computer laptop usb lamp led lamp
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Product features:
Suitable for laptop and desktop computers.
USB interface, without having to drive. Plug and play.
USB power supply, without additional power supply.
LED lights, long service life.
High brightness, the light brightness is enough to light up the whole keyboard.
Users operate computers at night, no need additional lighting light source, which do not affect others.
- highlight LED lamp holder, to ensure enough light, ultra bright colorful light source;
- long life LED, service life can reach more than 100000 hours;
- can be flexible metal bellows omnidirectional rotation, bending, adjust the Angle freely, do not need to clip, viscose, such as fixed method, flexible and convenient!
- smooth high-grade, the latest design of metal chrome color;
- the small volume, light weight, convenient to carry, very easy to put into his briefcase or folder;
- without external power supply, directly from the USB port of inserted electricity;
- super save electricity, electricity consumption is less than 40 ma;
- soft light up the keyboard and do not affect others around;
- highlight white leds can ensure that the dark vision clear, when you surf the Internet or play games at night, turn off the headlights, plug in a USB lamp, to protect our eyes is not easy to fatigue, but also save electricity, and may influence others rest, let you enjoy the fun and games. The network.
- suitable for notebook computers, desktop computers, etc

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0.100kg (0.22lb.)
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9cm x 9cm x 9cm (3.54in x 3.54in x 3.54in)