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Home Food Gloves Cleaning And Hygiene Gloves Disposable Gloves 100

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100 - 200 only

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    Gloves with slippery powder to wear, take convenient operation. Is the necessary tools, diy, utensils hygiene sterile integrity assurance when raw materials. One-time health PE gloves, choose avirulent insipidity of polyethylene materials refined but become. For food processing, medical care, drug distribution, kitchen cooking, housework, hair salon hair dye. Camping barbecue, etc as well as the wine shop restaurant need hand used in contact with food. Keep your hand skin, avoid too much contact with the effect of alkaline cleaners, for the good parts of life that occupy the home.
    [applicable scope] :
    Food processing and kitchen
    Form a complete set, hospital care and pharmaceuticals
    Household cleaning/ disinfection
    Restaurant/ must hand in direct contact with food
    Mixing by hand, large supermarket/ hotel food
    Health standard : through strict testing meet directly, contact with the skin/ food.
    features : the dustproof, anti-fouling, lightweight, flexible, strong resistance to oil, lotion vinyl products. Gloves surface through special processing, can prevent adhesion, smooth hand, good air permeability, economic and durable, can be both a mixture.

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9cm x 9cm x 9cm