FVHD handbag bow cowhide leather handbag messenger bag red bridal bag wedding bag fashion bags

FVHD handbag bow cowhide leather handbag messenger bag red bridal bag wedding bag fashion bags

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 autumn and winter
  • Size: Small
  • Fashions Name: small square package
  • Applicable: Youth
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Style: shoulder bag
  • Backpack way: Shoulder Messenger portable
  • Material: cow leather
  • Leather Material: first layer of leather
  • Carry parts Type: telescopic carry
  • Closed: Cikou
  • Internal structure: zipper pocket cell phone pocket
  • Luggage bag type: Cover bags
  • Popular elements: car suture
  • pattern: plain
  • Color Classification: Upgraded seven days no reason returned shipping nationwide continents through more than 165 recommendations following recommendations trumpet tuba 165 wealthy red (spot the day of hair) wealthy navy blue (navy blue small spot subsection (spot the day of hair) Little Black red section (spot) a small subsection (spot the day of hair) black wealthy (spot the day of hair)
  • Whether the sandwich: None
  • Bags hardness: Hard
  • Whether folding: No
  • Condition: New
  • Applicable scene: Leisure
  • Brand: Fvhd / Fa Feidi
  • Item: 0111/0112/0121/0122/0131/0132
  • Style: South Korea
  • Shape: square cross-section
  • Strap styles: single
  • Lining Material: Cotton

The whole network sales in the first, we were the first to do this bag, from the beginning of May shelves to now, has sold more than 1,000, many old customers to directly buy a red back, came to buy a black, blue color, and then recommend a variety of colleagues and friends to buy, I do not have the style here say, the classic bow small square package, but always, regardless of work or leisure, or banquet, she can master! If you just want to use a quarter to throw, then suggest parents can choose a little cheaper, if you want to use three to five years can choose our family, bow classic pop elements, will never be outdated, lovely sweet and elegant and generous one set!

Now the whole network all kinds of imitation version are out, things can not fake quality imitation imitation not inherent!

Those who sell more than 200 still shouting leather, and is the first layer of leather we can buy back their own verification comparison! We do not do the kind of trickery of business!

Taobao is the way to see who is selling a good product will be a lot of peer imitation, many people are going to buy my family's version of the cottage!

Many pro asked me our family and other home cheap What's the difference, I am here to explain to you next

1, This bag is positive for the first layer of suede leather! Suede inside is quite delicate cowhide twice the price of the second floor, a lot of imitation version without looking to see pictures you can see the kind of suede very rough, not to mention the physical texture! we use suede leather generally used for high-end shoes, a pair of good shoes do not have to buy less than 500, not to mention we are now used to make the entire surface of the package!

2, the back of the bag, the side portion includes a portable package cover all cross pattern the first layer of leather, leather cross pattern this year LV, PRADA In an all leather used, is characterized by rigid cortex, suitable for styling package, compare wear resistant to cold, suitable for winter colder season, the cracking or deformation of the situation will not arise, directly imitation version here is PU leather composite skin, they are also known as the first layer of leather...

3, in addition to leather, bags Another important factor is the hardware, and the hardware here we are specifically looking for factory we own mode of production, not on the market just to buy the kind of poor quality, in fact, life looks very bright on short!

4, the last point is the bag of work, we are all big OEM factory production line, workers hand-fee is 2 times the average worker, manual is good, directly depends on the version of the bag, a lot of bags glance that this is not a good package!

Many old customers blueprint, we can as a reference

Designer says:

This is a woman must have a fine bag,

Big bow, so elegant and lovely in one set,

Do an elegant woman should be a woman's life in the highest level,

Normal configuration it out and have a lower annexation, and neat storing,

Compact appearance can send it as jewelry bag, street bag, party handbag, it can Shuaqi accent!


Again, use and possession of all women Handbags bloom only personal secrets, but also represent the personality,

For me this emotional death of a woman more attractive than a good bag a good car,

Need calfskin choice of materials, we must highlight the atmosphere and quality.

Aside the complex and cumbersome decorations and exaggerated colors,

Apart from the practical but also have unique, we use in the design or minimalist philosophy,

Whether Korean version of the lovely refined or elegant simplicity of Europe

On this bag are embodied in the head

Suede texture of both formal and casual attitude - although minimalist, but not boring.

Sometimes a little bit of change, not only vision but also personality,

Everything will be peace of mind softened.