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Grinding Wheel

Grinding Wheel
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Agrindingwheelis an abrasive tool used to cut amaterial or polish a surface. It typically consists of a steel or aluminumdisc, with a rough finish that is made up of particles held together with agluing or bonding agent. There are many different types, sizes, and grades ofgrindingwheels. Commonwheeltypesinclude straight, tapered, and cut-off, but there are many others available aswell.

The typeof material and size of particles used generally determines the abrasiveness ofthe surface, and cutting action of thegrindingwheel. The most common families ofmaterials used for the abrasive particles are silicon carbide and diamond. There are many variants of these abrasive materials, like ceramic aluminumoxide andboroncarbide, for example.

Selectingthe rightgrindingwheelfora specific application is primarily determined by the hardness of the materialbeing cut. The abrasive material, bonding agent, density, grade, and grain-sizeare all also key considerations. The physical size of the abrasive particles, known as grain-size, will affect the cutting performance of thegrindingwheel. A fine grain will remove less material, and is normally used for polishing andto achieve a fine surface finish. A large grain-size will cut material quickly, but create a rough surface finish.