533x100abrasive belt

533x100abrasive belt

Product description:

An abrasive belt is used in woodworking and

metal work. The abrasive belt is often referred

to as a sanding belt or sandpaper belt and is

used to smooth out a rough surface finish. In

many instances, the abrasive belt might be used

to actually shape a piece or create a part from

a larger piece of stock by grinding the piece to

a desired size and shape. Typically fitted

around two or more rubber wheels and driven by

an electric motor, the abrasive belt is an

important component in most work shops.

The abrasive belt is constructed by gluing rough

abrasive particles onto a cloth or paper-

likebelt in a circular configuration. The belt

is constructed to give the operator a durable.

long-lasting product to work with. The abrasive

bits used on the surface of the belt are applied

in differing sizes, which are known as grits.

The larger the grit or number of grits given to

a belt, the larger the abrasive bits on the

belt. A higher grit rating also reflects a

lesser number ofabrasive bits on the belt.