EUE tubing pup joints, NU tubing short section

EUE tubing pup joints, NU tubing short section

Product description:

P110 tubing pup joints / short, J55 casing short section / short, N80 sleeve short, P110 casing short section of a short section of double-well tubing, finished a short section of tubing, dual well casing short section, finished casing Short / short section, API 5CT oil casing short section, API 5B casing coupling, tubing couplings, tubing couplings Flat, upset tubing couplings, EU tubing coupling, NU tubing coupling, casing hoop, LC casing collar, BC casing collar, SC casing collar

Tubing short section is shorter than the standard API 5CT short length of tubing in the tubing 1, API 5CT the tubing and casing standards, the American Petroleum Institute standards.

Short section is commonly used in industrial piping connection an accessory.

Common short threaded section, headed outside the wire into a single head outside the wire, flat head outside the wire several.

In addition to the flange connection of short Festival.

A short section of a short section of tubing and casing is divided into short sections. Tube connection flange short section saying is popular and flange supporting the use of specific units within the flange is empty in this time and then tail pipe welding flange can move As long as a specification of what time can casually flange connection can be connected to the purpose of the flange can be active

A short section of tubing is a short tubing, and tubing compared to, but different lengths, the other has the same length:.. 0.25m, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, etc., used to go down the column group with my company specializes in processing Such products

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