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Hengshui Jinpeng Rubber Sealing

Hengshui Jinpeng Rubber Sealing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng Rubber Sealing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng Rubber Sealing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng Rubber Sealing
Product code: 23068500001
Unit price: 30-58 CNY
Reference price: 4.36-8.42 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece 1000KG Black
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Rubber Sealing Products :

Rubber Sealing and sealing rubber-based natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the main raw material, mixed with various additives and fillers, the mastication, mixing, pressing, more specifications of its varieties, a bridge type , mountain-type, P, U-shaped, Z-type, B, T, H-type, E-type, Q-type, etc. depending on the usage can be classified as buried rubber water stop and backing with rubber water stop The sealing material has good elasticity, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance, adapt to the deformation ability, good water resistance, temperature range of -45 ℃ -. + 60 ℃ when the temperature exceeds 70 ℃, When and rubber water stop by strong oxidation or erosion by the oil and other organic solvents, they are not allowed to use rubber water stop.

Scope rubber water-stop:

Used in underground structures, dams, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofing and other building materials and structures deformation joint waterproofing.

Use rubber rubber water-stop : Rubber Sealing reliable fixed measures must be taken, when steel banding and formwork prevent displacement occurs when pouring concrete ensure waterstops in concrete only in the correct position on the site of perforation allows water stop playing. hole, for fixed water-stop. Do not damage the body part.

Affect the sealing effect, specific precautions are as follows:

1, rubber water stop during storage not long open-air exposure, to prevent rain, do not contact with contaminated strong chemicals.

2, in the transport and construction products, and to prevent mechanical, steel water stop damage

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