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Hengshui Jinpeng bridge laminated rubber bearings

Hengshui Jinpeng bridge laminated rubber bearings
  • Hengshui Jinpeng bridge laminated rubber bearings
  • Hengshui Jinpeng bridge laminated rubber bearings
  • Hengshui Jinpeng bridge laminated rubber bearings
  • Hengshui Jinpeng bridge laminated rubber bearings
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Laminated rubber bearing structure and performance:

Bridges multilayer laminated rubber bearings and sheet steel vulcanized rubber sheet, bonded, it has enough vertical stiffness, the upper structure of the reaction force can reliably handed pier; there is good flexibility to adapt. beam end rotation; there are large shear deformation capacity to meet the horizontal displacement of the upper structure.

In the above-described laminated rubber bearing surface sticky complex layer 1.5mm-3mm PTFE plate, it made into a Teflon skateboard rubber bearing. It is in addition to the vertical stiffness and elastic deformation, can withstand a vertical load and adapt to the beam end rotation, due to the low friction coefficient of PTFE plate can slide in the beam end surface ** PTFE plate, horizontal displacement unrestricted; especially suitable for medium and small loads, use a large amount of displacement of the bridge .

Laminated rubber bearing not only excellent technical performance, but also has a simple structure, low cost, no maintenance, easy to replace, buffer isolation, low building height. Thus the popular bridge circles, is widely used.

Laminated rubber bearing Scope:

1, suitable for ordinary laminated rubber bearing span of less than 30m, the amount of displacement of smaller bridges different plane shapes for different bridge structure, orthogonal rectangle bearing bridges;. Curved bridge, skew bridge and cylindrical bridge pier circular support.

2, PTFE laminated rubber bearings for large span, multi-span continuous, large amount of displacement bridge simply supported beam structure continuous panels. It can be used as continuous beams and T-beams traverse the top of the slide. Rectangular circular tetrafluoroethylene laminated rubber bearing applications are rectangular, circular ordinary laminated rubber bearing the same.

Installation and construction method of laminated rubber bearings:

Situ beam bridge ordinary laminated rubber bearing installation more convenient, the construction procedure is as follows: to keep the top surface of the cleaning pad stone piers supporting the pad stone elevation if the gap is too large, it can be adjusted with cement mortar on a support pad stone by design icon the center, when installing center bearing pad stone centerline rubber bearings to fit, to ensure accurate bearings in place. When the beam with a two or four seat when required, to facilitate the leveling pad stone and can support spread a layer of cement mortar between the seat and let the holder automatic leveling bridge body under pressure in the beam before pouring in the holder Place a larger plane than the bearing support plate, welded steel anchor bars and the beam connection, and treated as part of the supporting steel beam template were pouring water, according to the above method, you can make the beam bearing pad stone bottom plate and the top surface of all the dense paste.

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