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Hengshui Jinpeng GPZ pot rubber bearing

Hengshui Jinpeng GPZ pot rubber bearing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng GPZ pot rubber bearing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng GPZ pot rubber bearing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng GPZ pot rubber bearing
  • Hengshui Jinpeng GPZ pot rubber bearing
Product code: 23068300001
Unit price: 680-2600 CNY
Reference price: 98.82-377.85 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece 10000KG
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GPZ pot bearings overview:

Structural principle rubber bearing basin is placed in a sealed steel pot rubber blocks, the reaction force, bridges bear vertical load in the case of three-by force, and produce at the same time, take advantage of the elasticity of rubber to meet the beam end rotated by a stainless steel plate welded plate and Teflon attendance slip free, complete horizontal displacement of the upper part of the bridge structure. The series has a reasonable structure, large carrying capacity, small deformation, horizontal displacement capacity, flexible rotation and have good cushioning properties, it is the best continuous bridge abutment construction.

GPZ pot rubber bearing Advantages:

Rubber bearing basin and has a light weight, compact, simple structure, low building height, easy manufacturing, save steel, reduce the cost, etc., are suitable for use in large bridge collapse ideal seat. Commonly used GPZ , GPZ (Ⅱ) , GPZ (KZ) Three categories. GPZ (II) Series bearing current carrying capacity 31 Levels, bearing capacity 0.8MN-60MN , To meet the needs of large-scale bridge building.

GPZ pot rubber bearing Category:

Rubber bearing basin based on the application range can be divided into three categories: highway bridge rubber bearing basin, the railway bridge rubber bearing basin and basin-type rubber bearing derivatives commonly used in highway basin rubber bearing models : GPZ Rubber and rubber bearing basin GPZ (Ⅱ) basin rubber rubber bearing ( in accordance with GT391-1999) , GPZ (KZ) Rubber bearing basin, and several other series. Common railway pot rubber bearing have TPZ-I Railway pot rubber bearing. TPZ Standard railway pot rubber bearing, designed bridge 8156 Railway bridge bearing many varieties derived class rubber bearing basin, such as QPZ Rubber rubber bearing basin. KPZ Series rubber bearing basin, elastic damping steel ball bearings, self-leveling rubber bearing basin and so on.

Each category can be divided into fixed according to the displacement (GD) One-way activity (DX) And two-way activity (SX) Three.

GPZ pot bearing installation:

1 , The anchor post holder plate mounted on the corners.

2 , Pouring buttress holder, leaving the top section of height, leaving the anchor seat height than the column bigger;

3 , The seat cushion hanging over the stone, correcting the position and height;

4 Pouring concrete pad stone;

5 , The upper part of the mounting bracket 4 Anchor column;

6 Installation situ beam template, banding cast steel beam;

7 Pouring concrete beam;

8 The temporary removal of bearing on both sides of the connection.

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